Common Seals in Langstone Harbour, Hants

3 January 2002
John Goodspeed today forwarded to me a note from Ben Sampson (on the Langstone Harbourmaster's staff) to say that there are now two Common Seals in the harbour and that the most likely place and time to see them hauled out is on the Sword Sands (southwest of Farlington Marshes and off the Great Salterns Quay) when the rising tide is half up. I myself saw the one seal which has been in the harbour all autumn just off the Langstone South Moors on Nov 7, and previously it had been in the Bridge Lake area north of the Oysterbeds around Oct 28, but I guess it spends most of its time in the open water of the southern half of the harbour.
Sword Sands = SU 6801-84 (Hants)

from Ralph Hollin's Nature Notes tes