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September 2007


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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Red Admirals on Ivy on the Pixie Path Meadow Brown on Field Scabious
Adur Levels
Chalk Downs
Coastal Fringe
Shoreham Town 
Adur Estuary
Lancing Nature


30 September 2007
Five Clouded Yellow Butterflies fluttering over the Downs Link Cyclepath south of the Toll Bridge was the most seen in a single day this year. A Sparrowhawk flew Tompot Blennyand glided at a low level over the northern part of Frampton's Field, Old Shoreham. 
Full Butterfly List

26 September 2007
My brief visit to Onslow Beach, east Worthing produced a a single small Tompot Blenny, Parablennius gattorugine, and one Arch-fronted Swimming Crab Liocarcinus arcuatus plus the common species including common (100+) Snakelocks Anemones, Anemonia viridis, and frequent Daisy Anemones Cereus pedunculatus
Two Wheatears flew over the shingle by the Golden Sands Caravan Park in Lancing. 
Full Rockpooling Report from Onslow Beach

Hornet Robber Fly25 September 2007
A Kingfisher flew westwards over the Adur estuary like an arrow parallel with the Railway Viaduct. Four Partridges whirred over the meadow south of the Reservoir on Mill Hill
On a blackberrying visit to the hedgerow part of the Slonk Hill Cutting, a Comma Butterfly (one of nine butterfly species on the day) and a Silver Y Moth fluttered amongst the Brambles. A Hornet Robber Fly settled on a leaf (illustrated on the left).
Full Butterfly List
Adur Flies 2007

21 September 2007
A Stoat ambling along the the Downs Link Cyclepath just north of the A27 Flyover was surprising with its unusual gait. Speckled Woods were the commonest of eleven species of butterfly showed on a cloudy day. One dying and a few dead Rabbits were seen on Mill Hill, and this trend has occurred on the last few visits. The expected cause of death was the rabbit virus Myxomatosis
Butterfly Report

16 September 2007
At the northern end of the lower slopes of Mill Hill, near the Devil's Bit Scabious, I was attacked by a swarm of twenty or so Common Wasps and despite making a run for it, I was stung at least six times mainly on my scalp and the stings could be felt four hours afterwards. It felt like a very strong itchy nettle sting after six hours had elapsed. 
There were just three male Adonis Blue Butterflies and 30 Meadow Brown Butterflies noted, but I made my exit from the downs earlier than I normally would under an overcast sky. Just the six species of butterfly included a Comma on the Pixie Path
Adur Wasps & Bees
Butterfly Report

11 September 2007

Wall Lizard

In the warmth of the midday sun, the six Wall Lizards, Podarcis muralis, seen on the Old Fort on Shoreham Beach were particularly lively clambering much further up the wall on two occasions than I had ever seen them do before. 
Adur Lizards

9 September 2007
The weekly Shoreham butterfly count produced ten species including 35 Adonis Blues, 5 Chalkhill Blues, 7 Common Blues and 9 Small Heath Butterflies all on Mill Hill, with a surprise Peacock Butterfly seen near Old Shoreham Toll Bridge. Common Wasps are frequently seen on the outskirts of Shoreham, more often in the previous years this century. 
Full Butterfly Report

4 September 2007
A young male Bottle-nosed Dolphin Tursiops truncatus, called "George" followed a boat into the River Adur and stayed for most of the day until coaxed back out to sea by Shoreham inshore lifeboat before it could stranded on the low neap tide
This particular Bottle-nosed Dolphin habitually enters English Channel harbours, but for all of last year was found around the French coast. 

Marine Life off Sussex
BMLSS Cetacea
Whales & Dolphins around the British Isles

Ten species of butterfly put in an appearance in the weak sunshine including 36 Adonis Blues (33 males and 3 females) on the lower slopes of Mill Hill, Just a single Chalkhill Blue Butterfly fluttered around Old Erringham pasture near the gate to Mill Hill Nature Reserve

Adonis Blue on the Shoreham Bank (south)
18 Common Blues in the middle area of Mill Hill and very frequent Meadow Browns on the downs and Adur Levels. Devil's Bit Scabious was in flower on Mill Hill and this attracted frequent Meadow Brown Butterflies.Eight Small Heath Butterflies were seen on the lower slopes with a further two on the upper part of Mill Hill.
Full Butterfly Report

3 September 2007
The summer seems to be over even before it has started; three Wheatears were seen on Lancing Beach by Widewater, feeding amongst the vegetation before making their long flight south. Their white tail feathers were most noticeable as they flew from one wooden post to another. 
Adur Coastal Flora & Fauna

1 September 2007

Actinothoe sphyrodeta (Photograph by Jason Koen)

An early morning visit to east Worthing beach produced the small white sea anemone Actinothoe sphyrodeta which is a species rarely found between the tides. There were a frequent collection of many of the usual shore fish and crabs.

Full Report from East Worthing Beach
BMLSS Sea Anemones

Adur Moths

Adur Butterfly List 2007
Sussex Butterflies



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