Adur Valley & Downs Sheep
Notes on sheep breeds:
The Mule

These hardy animals are breed in the North of England by crossing a Bluefaced Border Leicester ram with a Swaledale ewe. This cross has the hardiness and strong mothering ability of the Swaledale combined with the larger size, fertility and milking ability of the Bluefaced Leicester. The mule is the most popular crossbred ewe in England used for producing finished lambs because a flock of mules can average 1.8 lambs sold per ewe per year. It is crossed with a ram from a recognised meat breed to give lambs weighing around 40 kg when ready for slaughter.
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Applesham Farm has a breed of Lleyns.

The Lleyn (pronounced kleen)

Originally from Wales the Lleyn is gaining in popularity as a breeding ewe. Lleyns can be kept as a pure bred flock to produce lambs for meat and also to breed ewe replacements. They are a hardy ewe, smaller than the mule but with a respectable carcass quality and good lambing performance. By breeding replacements on the farm we can avoid the risk of introducing diseases into the Lackham sheep flock. Good quality Mules from the North of England can be bought but inevitably there is more risk involved, as was demonstrated during the last Foot and Mouth crisis.
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31 January 2007
Lancing College Farm, Ladywells Field

27 September 2006
One of a flock of smallish sheep at Upper Beeding in the field adjoining the South Downs Way on the east side of the
River Adur
Breed: Poll Dorset  or  Kerry?
ID on Yahoo Answers
27 September 2006
One of a flock of sheep seen directly east of Applesham Farm on the east side of the Coombes Road near Passies Pond
Breed: Rouge de l'Ouest  or Charollais
ID by Renee Cani-Excel on UK Wildlife Yahoo Group
13 August 2004
Just the two sheep seen at Slonk Hill Farm
Breed: Hebridean (rare breed)
ID confirmed
23 January 2004
One of a flock of sheep in a field (west of the Coombes Road) at Botolphs 
Breed:  Jacob's
First ID by a Geordie & confirmed by others on flickr Sheep

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NB: The breed identity of these sheep have not been confirmed by either the farmers or experts
ed identity of these sheep have not been confirmed by either the farmers or experts