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HMS Shoreham next to new Power Station


March 2000

The new Power Station chimney at Shoreham Harbour has now been erected. I estimate it to be 100 metres high (the height was not written in the Evening Argus report - the old chimney was 107 metres high). The new Gas Power Station is expected to be completed by the winter.


25 April 1999
Police launch a murder hunt after a policeman Jeff Tooley is knocked down and killed by a white Renault van just after midnight on the A259 coast road at Shoreham. The van was found burnt out in Hove.  This is the first murder of a Police Officer in Sussex.
 Police Hotline:  01273 44 00 55.

1 February 1999
A 3 metres* long female Mako Shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, (the consensus now seems that it is a Porbeagle) was caught three miles off Brighton by cod fishermen and brought into Monteum Fish Market at nearby Shoreham-by-Sea. The shark weighed 172 kg (378 lb). The largest shark normally caught in Sussex seas is the Tope, Galeorhinus galeus, and then only occasionally. Rarely Porbeagle Sharks, Lamna nasus, have even been caught, but this is my first report of a Mako. Reported in the Shoreham Herald.
[* One report said 2.2 metres, excluding the tail fin?]
Shark Page
Letter to Shoreham Herald
PS: On further examination the shark looks like a Porbeagle.  Andy Horton  11/2/99.
Further investigation underway.
     Shark teeth

The consensus now seems that it is a Porbeagle. Doug Herdson, Marcus Goodsir, Pål Enger, Philip Vas, Steve Barker & others. 16/2/99.

Capt. Tom's Guide to the Differences between the Porbeagle & Mako Shark

5 Porbeagle Sharks were landed at the fish market in Plymouth from September 1998 to February 1999, the largest being a female of 243 cm (115 kg). Doug Herdson. Porbeagle landed in Guernsey on 10 March 1999. Sarah Fowler, Shark Trust.
The Porbeagle has a secondary caudal keel. The Mako is a southern species, whereas the Porbeagle is a temperate water species and found all around the British Isles.
Porbeagle Sharks in the News 1998




4 December 1997. Lois Capel was born in Newtimber Gardens, Shoreham. (see entry for May 1997 'Closure of Southlands Hospital Maternity Ward').








Southlands Hospital Maternity Ward

7 June 1997. Southlands Maternity Ward closes for good. This means that there will be none, or few, children born again in the town of Shoreham. In 1997, 2,339 babies came into the world for the first time at Southlands.





Sea Defences

The first barge loads of Norwegian rock are dumped on the beach at Shoreham to form substantial sea defences for the 21st century. At present the longshore drift and movement of shingle from west to east is alleviated by a long row of wooden groynes. Eventually 12 massive rock groynes will be constructed, with an additional replenishment of shingle.

Reg Leggett

Reg Leggett died on 31 December 1996 and he will remembered for his initiatives in the preservation of historic buildings and successful prevention of numerous schemes that would have totally wrecked the character of Shoreham. These development schemes included the 1969 Saltings Bridge development that would have sacrificed New Shoreham to traffic. The creation of the Shoreham by-pass was the result of his strenuous efforts and this scheme protected Old Shoreham and proved a far-sighted view. Reg Leggett founded the Shoreham Historic Trust and Shoreham Preservation Society (now superseded by the Shoreham Society). This Shoreham-by-Sea Web Site commenced the following day. 

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