Slonk Hill Images:  July 2004

6 July 2004
It is really a pity that the noise of the traffic makes the area of the embankment directly north of Buckingham Park (and the whole of the bank) just too noisy to be pleasant. Meadow Brown Butterflies and a dozen amorous Small Skippers were immediately noticeable before the first Gatekeeper Butterfly of the year made an fleeting appearance. Some of the highlights are illustrated below:

This spider constructed a funnel-shaped web. There was no identifiable prey to be seen. I have identified this as a species of Tegenaria, (parietina?) which is reported to be synanthropic. This identification needs to be confirmed. 
Body of the Spider
The two like feelers (where a claw would be, superficially, on a crab) are called palps."
Checklist of UK Recorded Agelenidae

Originally identified as a Common Darter
now thought to be a female Ruddy Darter because of its black legs
I was lucky to capture this Darter in fine display. Clicking on the images will enlarge them to something special. 

This insect appears to be the Speckled Bush Cricket, Leptophyes punctatissima.
There are several similar species and I have not double-checked at the time of writing. 
About a dozen of these Small Skippers were restlessly flitting around more often than not in pairs and courting. 
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