Wild Carrot (August 2004)Buckingham to Slonk Hill South:  A27 Motorway Embankment

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19 June 2004
On an overcast breezy day with showers and rumblings of thunder, it was the Pyramidal Orchids that had taken over from Spotted Orchids on the southern bank of the A27 Shoreham By-pass (Buckingham to Slonk Hill South) and the only butterflies in flight were a couple of Meadow Browns. The Spotted Orchids seem to change from mauve to a paler lilac-white as they aged.

There was one Burnet (or Cinnabar) Moth in flight and one Burnet Moth caterpillar seen crawling up the stalk of a tall (24 cm) Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil plant. It was not clear which species was in flight or which species caterpillar.
Burnet Moths (notes)
Sarcophaga (Flesh Fly, Blow-fly) Wild Carrot Perforate St John's Wort
Trailing Bellflower Selfheal Kidney Vetch
White-tailed ? Bumblebee Oedemera nobilis (female) Selfheal
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