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 Adur Levels
next to the Waterworks Road


Miller's Stream on 1 February 2006

Spring Dyke 2005

Wildlife Reports

25 April 2006
A Green Woodpecker took flight from Spring Dyke on an overcast day with a couple of Mallards on Miller's Stream but nothing moving and nothing of note. The was a hole and burrow the size of a rabbit's burrow but no rabbit droppings were seen at its entrance. 

There were also a handful of small isolated mushrooms and a clump of them as well. It was one of those small species that I cannot identify. The dominant vegetation (30% ground coverage) was the young growth of Stinging Nettles. There were few unidentified mammal droppings

1 February 2006
A single small (5 pence-sized cap) mushroom on the flattened reeds of the Spring Dyke was a Tubaria furfuracea. There was disturbance evidence of a probable Moorhen and five Mallards took flight. A large dry dropping of an animal larger than a dog was spotted. The dropping looked like it contained lots of vegetable matter, so I suspect it was a fewmet deposited on the reeds by a Roe Deer. 
There were a dozen Moorhens on the pasture to the west of the road opposite with a Magpie.

15 December 2005
A large mechanical machine has now cut down the vegetation and its tyre tracks could be seen on the reed strewn muddy bank next to the flooded stream. 
Great Reedmace, or Bullrush
Typha latifolia

Apart for three Grey Herons that flew off on my approach there was nothing of special interest. It is debatable what food source attracted them to the stream if they were not just resting or considering breeding habitats. The stream which nearly dried out in the summer does not appear to provide a home for fish, but the Common Frog is known from spawn and tadpoles. 
A large flock of Sheep grazed the field to the north.

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