Adur Stonecrops 

19 June 2018

English Stonecrop
7 July 2015
English Stonecrop
1 April 2014

Widewater Flood Plain

June 2012

 White Stonecrop
Biting Stonecrop 
English Stonecrop
English Stonecrop

English Stonecrop, Sedum anglicum, is tinged pink, whereas White Stonecrop, Sedum album, is never. Biting Stonecrop Sedum acre is probably more well known as Wall Pepper in Sussex and the name Poor Man's Pepper is also known. Betty Bishop (Flora of Shoreham-by-Sea) uses the name Biting Stonecrop.

The identifications of White Stonecrop may be doubtful ?

Stonecrop [Crassulaceae]

25 June 2009
White Stonecrop, Sedum album, was seen in flower on the shingle of Shoreham Beach for the first time this year.
Biting Stonecrop
White Stonecrop
White Stonecrop
Red Valerian and 
White Stonecrop

14 June 2009
Biting Stonecrops, Sedum acre, was also added as first seen in flower this year from a very small patch on the the flowering Shoreham Beach south of Winterton Way (eastern end).
29 August 2007
A dozen White-tailed Bumblebees, Bombus lucorum, visited a pink Sedum plant on Ropetackle.

It was the Ice Plant, Sedum spectabile

Plant IDs on  flickr


24 June 2006

White Stonecrops and Biting Stonecrops were in flower on the shingle to the west of the Old Fort, Shoreham Beach.

12 June 2006
Biting Stonecrop Biting Stonecrop White Stonecrop, Sedum album

These stonecrops were seen on the margins of the remains of the tarmac on the riverbank by the Adur Riverbank Industrial Estate, north of Ropetackle, Shoreham town centre west. The first two images are Biting Stonecrops, Sedum acre, and the latter one is White Stonecrop, Sedum album.

At Widewater Lagoon

A ground covering of what I have tentatively identified as White Stonecrop, Sedum album, in early June. AH.

 White Stonecrop, Sedum album, in September. AH.

 I originally identified this as the English Stonecrop, Sedum anglicum.

Photograph by Steve Barker

Biting Stonecrop, Sedum acre  AH.

There are definitely at least two species of Stonecrop on the Widewater Flood Plain
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