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Macroalgae and phytoplankton from around off Sussex

Sussex Seaweed Project

Over the past few years, in conjunction with the NHM in London I have been working on a database of the distribution of marine algae in Sussex. The end result will to be publish maps of their distributions. Comparing old records with current ones may show the spread or decline of species. We could learn a great deal from work. I have so far entered the details of those specimens present in the Museum collection, generated a database of literature references to Sussex algae and started to abstract data from these references. The SeaSearch database that we hold here will also provide data derived from divers. If you are diver, naturalist, lecturer, researcher etc. then YOU COULD HELP.

Somewhere 'out there' is no doubt a host of data that could prove useful to the project. Do YOU have any records? Casual, survey, site specific I don't mind; anything [except strand-line specimens that would obviously not have
any accurate location data].

I need for a minimum:
species name [if you find any and don't know what they are then send them to
me if you can]
grid ref. or lat.long if possible - ideally I need one other of these data
for map plotting
your details

Also if you can:
substrate details (rock, rock type, sand, on stones etc) depth or position on the shore below chart datum or MHW
associated species

If you know of any published work also let me know as we may have missed it!
Probably have! University reports, projects, dissertions, theses are often a hidden fund of data.

Dr Gerald Legg
Keeper of Natural Sciences

Booth Museum of Natural History, 194 Dyke Road BRIGHTON BN1 5AA U.K.
John A. Cooper, BSc AMA FGS Visitor Services Manager (Natural Sciences)
Gerald Legg, PhD AMA FZS FLS FRES MIBiol Keeper of Natural Sciences
Jeremy Adams, Assistant Keeper, Natural Sciences
T: 44 (0)1273 292777
F: 44 (0)1273 292778

The Sussex Seaweed Project database for direct entries has been prepared at:

The file URL for entering records is at:

Separate arrangements are available for bulk entry of records from spreadsheets.

It is currently empty. I will put at least one record up tonight and more

The file URL for entering records is at:

If new fields are required it will be best to suggest them now before records are included.


Andy Horton.
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