Southwick Green

16 January 2004
On Southwick Green the upper limbs of at least half a dozen trees are being completely sawn off by the tree surgeons. They are all the same species of trees and it makes them seem incongruous amongst the fully branched trees that otherwise surround the green. There does not seem any ostensible reason for the lopping. My first thoughts that these were diseased Elms and that the branches may have fallen down suddenly causing injury or damage. 
The trees worked on were Poplars and the work carried out was basically pollarding.
These trees are probably about 70 or 80 years old, and at an early stage they where reduced in height. This work has been continued every five or six years ever since.
Once maintenance of is this kind established on a tree it is often not possible to allow it to become any higher as there is a weakness in the "knuckles" where the branches have been repeatedly cut back.

Report by Jeremy Sergeant (Adur District Council)

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