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Adur Valley Wildlife

Southwick Hill
including Slonk Hill Farm, 
Mossy Bottom, New Erringham
and Thundersbarrow


Common Rock Rose


20 August 2012
A Buzzard flew over Southwick Hill and another sighting was reported from nearby Thundersbarrow (on the downs north of Shoreham). 

7 November 2007
I disturbed a handful of male and female Pheasants near Slonk Hill Farm (north Shoreham). A medium-sized bird of prey glided over a large field (in pasture) to the east of the bridlepath north to Southwick Hill viewed from Stonechat Junction where Rock Rose was still in flower. The raptor was probably a female Kestrel, but it showed no signs of hovering and dived down in a curved flight (unlike the direct descent usual with Kestrels). 
Common Rock Rose Red Star Thistle

On Southwick Hill, Red Star Thistle (a Knapweed) was still in flower. 
Adur Wild Flowers 2007

13 July 2007
I crossed the bridge over the A27 to take the footpath to New Erringham and Mill Hill passing by Slonk Hill Farm. The route past the farm was gated, so I saw my first Marbled White Butterfly of the day on the vegetation shorn detour (it is usually too overgrown). The bridlepath up to Stonechat Junction produced occasional Gatekeepers, Peacocks, and a few Large Whites, Meadow Browns and Small Tortoiseshells and one Comma Butterfly. By the time I had got to New Erringham Farm I had added Red Admirals and Small Skippers with anotherMarbled Whiteon a Creeping Thistle on the side of the top road by New Erringham Farm. 
Full Butterfly Report

24 April 2007
A dog discovered a large Adder basking in the sun on Southwick Hill. 

Hearsay Report

16 April 2007 
A passage rather than a leisurely trip on the bridlepath from Slonk Hill Farm to New Erringham Farm yielded just one Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. A Swallow flew over the farm. 


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