Teasels of Adur
Dipsacus fullonum

9 July 2017

Teasels at Old Shoreham
Towpath north of the Toll Bridge

16 August 2015

Steyning Downland

10 July 2014

The first flowers of Teasel appeared and seen on this particularly large specimen spotted at the Withy Gap lay-by, Lancing. Its height was calculated at 215 cm.

24 July 2013

24 June 2012
Teasel plants appeared on the verges of the cyclepath in Old Shoreham, showing the capitulum (pseudanthium or flower head) but not yet the purple flowers.

Goldfinch on Teasel (link to image)
3 December 2010

3 July 2009
The lilac-purple flowers of Teasel were noticed for the first time this year on the edge of the cyclepath from Botolphs to Annington Sewer and the north. Goldfinches were prominent as well with one small chirm noted visiting the Teasels.

Syrphus hoverfly

14 July 2008
There were scores of Teasels in flower on the verges of the Coastal Link Cyclepath north of the Toll Bridge. A small chirm of Goldfinches was seen in the hedgerow.

4 July 2008
The first Teasel of 2008 was flowering on the verges of the Coastal Link Cyclepath north of the Toll Bridge, Old Shoreham, although most had not showed.
24 January 2007
South-east England woke after an overnight flurry of snow and the upper slopes of Mill Hill were covered in a layer averaging about 50 mm. These Teasels were still covered in snow at midday.

Teasel (Photograph by Andy Horton)
230 cm (7 ft 6") high


Wild Flowers 2009

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