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Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick

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15 November 2011
Red Foxes were particularly noticeable just before midnight, notably a very healthy specimen in St. Julian's Churchyard, Kingston Buci, and even more in my face were at amorous pair of young Foxes at the Corbyn Crescent end of the twitten to Adelaide Crescent in Shoreham. They found a gap in he wire fence at the bottom of a garden.

12 November 2011
A Red Admiral Butterfly fluttered over the crossroads of the paths in St. Mary de Haura churchyard in the middle of New Shoreham, less than an hour before midday on Farmer's Market Day.

1 November 2011
An emerald green Southern Hawker (dragonfly) hawked along the western end of Nicolson Drive in residential Shoreham. Sow Thistle and Nipplewort were still in flower in Shoreham town, notably in the twitten between Corbyn Crescent and Adelaide Square.

4 October 2011
The colourful appearance of a Jay flew from a tree on Church Green (residential estate) northwards for a short distance at the western end of St. Julians Lane, Kingston Buci.

29 September 2011

Under a clear blue sky an adult Slow Worm was seen on the path between Nicolson Drive and Rosslyn Avenue in Shoreham. This may be the first live one I have seen this year.
 25 September 2011
This plant was flowering in my Shoreham front garden in a crack in the concrete path. It was about 20 cm high with narrow green leaves.  I think this is a White Flax, Linum suffruticosum, flower, an arable crop called Linseed.

The blue anthers look wrong for Linum suffruticosum. I suggest that it's a very pale-flowered Flax, Linum usitatissimum. This might be from bird seed. 

ID by Robert Burton on UK Botany

20 August 2011
300+ Starlings landed on the roofs of about four houses in Dolphin Road at the westerly junction with Corbyn Crescent, an unprecedented event for this area but not unknown in Shoreham and a regular daily event with thousands on Shoreham Beach during the winter.

23 July 2011
As I cycled north down Church Street in central Shoreham, I glanced and caught a commotion in St. Mary's Churchyard, New Shoreham: four Jays were squabbling amongst the gravestones. This was the first time I had ever seen four of these corvids together.

Three Jays

And I would have had a chance to observe their behaviour if a white terrier dog off its lead had not sent the dozen Wood Pigeons into flight and chased the Grey Squirrels up the trees.

21 June 2011
Just before midnight a Hedgehog trotted along the pavement in St. Julian's Lane, Kingston Buci.

23 May 2011
An early evening sighting of a Hedgehog trotting down the Corbyn Crescent end of the twitten (by the allotments) to Adelaide Square in residential Shoreham was a now rather scarce sight and I was pleased to see it looked healthy and inquisitive under the street lights. Later, I spotted it again. It reversed and curled up at my approach just before midnight.
15 May 2011
The first appearance of Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon taraxacoides, this year, was most noted in chalky gardens at the top of The Drive, north Shoreham.

Adur Hawkbits

13 April 2011
My first Hedgehog of the year was seen under the street lights as it crawled slowly from the Shoreham College playing fields across St. Julian's Lane to the front garden of the larger houses at the eastern end of the road.

10 April 2011
Two Speckled Wood Butterflies were courting over the Middle Road Open Ground car park, Shoreham.

9 April 2011
The withered berries of Ivy were still providing sustenance for a young Starling in the twitten between Victoria Road and Ropetackle in central Shoreham.

29 March 2011
A pair of Mallards flew rapidly south, just above house height, across Rosslyn Road, Shoreham.

27 March 2011
A Crow's Nest was being built in the Sycamore in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham. It was visited by the corvid, but there was not sign of the bird on 10 April 2011.

7 March 2011
A Robin with a plump red breast landed on my front garden gate in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham. This was notable as this bird is rarely (if ever) recorded in the road with plenty of hedges and garden trees, but also lots of cats.

28 February 2011
A Crow was cacking at the break of dawn in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham..

27 February 2011
The first frog spawn of the year was noted in my tiny garden pond in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham.

January & February 2011
Foxes were seen almost every night boldly foraging around residential east Shoreham just before midnight. All were adults and looked healthy under the street lights. Foxes mate in the first two months of the year.

2 January 2011
On the verge by the Adur District Council car park in Ham Road, Shoreham, a fresh Dandelion was the first wild flower seen this year.

1 January 2011
The first four legged wild mammal of the year was a Fox in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham, by the twitten on the way home from the pub. About 8:00 am I was awoken by the yapping of the Herring Gulls, but I could not see them from my window. A cacophony of Starlings in the Sycamore Tree in Corbyn Crescent were the first birds recognised from their silhouettes in the bare branches, followed immediately by a closer view of a Collared Dove.


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