MILL Hill:  Vetch Trail (Lower Slopes) : Shoreham Bank

Extra Images:
Sweet Briar ? 
Could be Downy or one of the other roses? 
Rosa (rubiginosa?)  ? ID (to check leaves)
Clustered Bellflower
These look like a deliberate planting or garden escapes
Campanula glomeratum
Date taken 20 July 2003
30 August 2003
Wayside Vervain on the edge of the path
This "weed" or wild flower seems to be associated to ground disturbed by light trampling
30 August 2003
Vervain, Verbena officinalis
ID by Tina Teearu on UK Botany (Yahoo Group)
Photograph by Ray Hamblett
30 August 2003
30 April 2003
I think this is a Sedge
It was discovered at the bottom of the slope near the scrubby hedgerow
Photograph by Ray Hamblett
7 September 2003
The lower slope at the northern end with patches of 
Tor Grass now more noticeable in the autumn.
7 September 2003
Hole probably created by removing Privet. 
The shot shows the chalk bedrock below the shallow soil.