Waterworks Road & Butterfly Copse      2008

Female Orange-tip on Forget-me-not(The Pixie Footpath entries will be on their web page only)
Waterworks Road and Pixie Path to Mill Hill transect is 525 metres long (Magic Map)
When I went to St. Nicolas School in the early 1960s this was at the foot of a bare (no scrub) Mill Hill.

Ownership and public access to this land is currently the subject to an enquiry. A Public Footpath 3138 comprises part of this land and another one Path 3140 crosses the land at the southern end.

18 November 2008
A flock of an unknown number of Long-tailed Tits were spotted where the path goes uphill go the Butterfly Copse.

17 October 2008

Comma Butterfly and Common Darter
A Comma Butterfly and Common Darter settled on the wooden rail in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road.

8 September 2008
A large Volucella zonaria hoverfly was spotted on Ivy in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road. There were at least two pristine Red Admiral Butterflies attracted to the Ivy.

Yellow Archangel, Lamiastrum galeobdolon, is to be found on the verges of the Waterworks Road by the metal fence on the footpath section at the bottom of the gardens.

23 July 2008
Volucella inanis Peacock Butterfly on Hawthorn

The first hoverfly Volucella inanis of the year was spotted in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road. where the first berries of Hawthorn were visited by the Peacock Butterfly.

29 June 2008
In the late afternoon, two fresh Comma Butterflies courted over the Waterworks Road with a Large White and a Speckled Wood nearby.
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23 May 2008
This small bug was spotted on Green Alkanet on the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham. 

I could not find this in the Beetles, so it was a Bug, Mirius striatus.

Holly Blue3 May 2008
On the verges of the footpath section of the Waterworks Road, three Holly Blues, a pair of Green-veined Whites, a male Orange-tip, and a Brimstone Butterfly were seen in the first two minutes.

29 April 2008
On a tepid cool 11 °C day a passage trip on the footpath section of the the Waterworks Road produced two fresh Large Whites, a female Orange-tip and a Holly Blue Butterfly, all attracted to Green Alkanet flowers.
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25 April 2008
Green Alkanet and Alexanders on the verges of the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham Female Orange-tip Butterfly

Another first were two female Orange-tip Butterflies positively identified from over the Waterworks Road, chased by a single male and very flightly, stopping only very briefly on Green Alkanet flowers, a least thrice after being disturbed by Rhingia campestris hoverflies. A Peacock Butterfly took flight.

20 April 2008
Four male Orange-tip Butterflies were quickly seen over the Waterworks Road, north of Old Shoreham, the first one seen immediately. These were the first of the year in Shoreham. A Peacock Butterfly settled.
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4 April 2008
A golden adult Slow Worm, Anguis fragilis, over 30 cm long, basked in the weak sunshine in the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road. I tickled the repltile and it slowly slithered into the undergrowth.

7 March 2008
I was surprised to find a dead Badger in Old Shoreham on the east side of the Steyning Road south of the entrance to the Waterworks Road, almost beneath the town sign of Shoreham-by-Sea. It was a surprise because I have never seen any live Badgers in the Shoreham area.
The first Comma Butterfly of the year emerged from hibernation to flutter around the Butterfly Copse next to the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham. It was in pristine condition and was restless, rarely settling for more than 15 seconds, and after a few minutes it flew off rapidly westwards. Field Speedwell was seen in flower on the road verges and two Greater Periwinkle flowers were poking through the fence from a garden.

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