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30 December 2006
A rainy windy day recorded a gust of 56 mph (Storm Force 10) at 5:17 am, but mostly it was steady rain in a Strong Breeze (Force 6) with 4.57 mm of rain.

25 December 2006
Christmas Day was overcast, with an air temperature of 6.7 ºC and a Light Breeze (Force 2) at midday. Relative humidity: 1037 mb.

21 December 2006
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High Pressure: the Barometer read 1044 millibars (mb) at midday. There was no fog though and the air temperature rose to the day high of 2.0 ºC. The mid-English Channel surface sea temperature was 14 ºC. Inshore, it would be about 8 ºC.
National Buoy Center 62305
Oceanweather (Sea Surface Temperatures)

20 December 2006
Home Barometer off the scale.The air temperature fell to minus 0.5 ºC at 8:03 am. The Barometer read 1041 millibars (mb), which is at the extreme Fair end of the scale. (My Barometer appeared to be faulty and recorded over 31 inches and off the scale.) A comparison barometer read 1040 mb. High pressure at this time of the year can cause low air temperatures at a low altitude and extensive fog.

19 December 2006
A small amount of fog occurred in the evening.

11 December 2006
At 9:00 am a steady Moderate Gale (Force 7) gusting to Force 8 was unwelcome Monday morning. The air temperature at midnight was 10.06 ºC, so it is rising again and the my home USA barometer showed a Fair 1029 millibars (30.4 inches). It is a Cold Front (Radio 5 Weather Forecast) so the barometer should fall and the temperature should fall during the day from a high of 11.8 ºC at 9:12 am.
Barometer Conversions

7 December 2006
At 4:48 am, a gust of 58 mph (Storm Force 10) was recorded by the . At 8:15 am, the wind was just 3 mph, but at 1:30 pm when I wrote this, a Fresh Gale (Force 8) was steadily blowing. At 3:37 pm it felt like being hit by a mini-tornado (micro-burst) as the gust was measured at 61 mph (Storm Force 10 or Light Tornado Intensity 1). No building damage was recorded.
Tornado Intensity T
Tornado Intensity F

5 December 2006
At 4:37 am, a gust of 53 mph (Gale Force 9) was recorded by the . The air temperature remained well above average for December, with 13.7 ºC recorded at 2:44 am, but falling in the day to a low of  12.3 ºC at 1:34 pm. The high six metre plus spring tide had a large swell, pushed by southerly (SSW) Strong Breeze (Force 6), larger waves forming, whitecaps everywhere,that pounded the pebbles and rock (syenite) sea defences, as I got caught in one of the occasional rain showers around midday.

  December 2006
1st 12.3 13.3 10.7
2nd 12.2 13.2 11.6
3rd 11.2 12.2 9.7
4th 12.1 13.4 10.7
5th 12.7 13.7 11.4
6th 10.6 11.7 9.4
7th 11.3 12.4 10.2
8th 8.7 11.2 5.7
9th 6.4 9.1 4.7
10th 7.3 10.6 2.8

This year has been the warmest autumn on record.
Shoreham Beach Weather History

3 December 2006
At 4:12 am, a gust of 59 mph (Storm Force 10) was recorded by the . No obvious damage was seen in Shoreham, although people were reported awoken by the noise of the wind.
Beaufort Scale

26-27 November 2006
The wind was blowing from due south (clear from the weather vanes and cycling against the Strong Breeze) steadily at Force 5, but the records shown a variation between Moderate Breeze Force 4 and Gale Force 8These condition caused small amounts of white foam to appear on the strandline.

19-20 November 2006
The late evening and early morning were very blustery and I would guess* at a Fresh Gale Force 8 gusting to Force 9 and blowing steadily from the south but with gusts from both the west and east. There did not seem to be any damage to be seen, although shrubs in pots were reported blown over in Shoreham town.
(*The was offline. The wind force was later confirmed.)
Beaufort Scale

17 November 2006
The Fresh Gale (Force 8) was blowly directly from the south.

2 November 2006
The day time high air temperature of only 9.4 ºC was the lowest since 22 March 2006.
Shoreham Beach Weather History

23 October 2006

A hulk at high tide (23 October 2006)

The Adur estuary opposite Shoreham Airport was as calm as a mill pond at a high (5.9 metres) spring tide after the recent gales.

18 October 2006
There was salt spray on Southwick beach as the gales blew the waves on to the shore.

Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden
The SSE winds were a Strong Breeze (Force 6) gusting top Gale Force 8 for most of the day. The black rain clouds made it dark at 5:00 pm when the sunset was at

13 October 2006
The sunshine air temperature reached 19.7 ºC at 3:22 pm. It was nearly warm.

12 October 2006
Under the midday sun a remarkable air temperature of 16.6 °C was attained which brought the butterflies out. It rose to 18.4 ºC by 2:10 pm.

2 October 2006
After the hot dry summer, it rained steadily after midday. Rain up to 12:30 pm was 6.10 mm, by 12:45 pm it was 8.64 mm (i.e. steady at an average of 10 mm an hour for 15 minutes). The total was 12.19 mm by 1:00 pm.
Meterological Office: Extreme Weather

2 October 2006   6:45 to 6:55 am
A whirlwind for seen for several minutes off Brighton beach, Sussex. The reports said it was not a waterspout as the funnel cloud did not reach the sea.
Eyewitness: Peter Machin

BBC News Report

These lesser whirlwinds (micro-bursts) occasionally occur and I have been caught up in one. They are not caught on camera very often.
Tornado (definition)
Marine Life off Sussex
Twisters from Caithness (Images)

1 October 2006
A variable weather day that after dusk  (8:15 pm >) was punctuated by very heavy showers of short duration, thunder and lightning and Fresh Gale Force 6 winds gusting to Force 7. Rain total: 6.10 mm.

22 September 2006
It rained steadily during the day: 12.19 mm by 2:30 pm.

8 September 2006
The sea temperature measured 18.3°C by the Rustington Bouy (20km SW of Shoreham Beach) taken at 7:00 am (GMT)
Mariners Page

7 September 2006
A partial eclipse of the Full Moon was seen at about 8:00 pm as the Moon appeared large and orange in the eastern sky.
BBC News Report
Image by Geoff Penn (taken nearer 9:00 pm)

1 September 2006
The weather has broken with a constant Moderate Gale (Force 7) gusting to Force 8 and 0.51 mm of rain before darkness. The maximum air temperature was still 19.1 ºC at 1:43 pm, with a minimum humidity of 86% rising to 91%.

20 August 2006
With the weather forecast predicting rain for the next week, I ventured up the downs even though the conditions (20.2 ºC at 11:00 am, 83% humidity, Wind Force 4 falling to Force 3, Direction southerly at Azimuth 158º) were far from ideal for butterflies.

17 August 2006
Cloudy with a few (negligible) light showers (precipitation 0.25 mm), but the warn weather (24.1 ºC at 2:38 pm) continued. Breezy, gusting to Force 4.

15 & 16 August 2006
2.79 mm and 3.81 mm of rain fell in these days respectively, but I hardly noticed it.

13 August 2006
Drizzle turned into steady light rain half way through the morning as the warm weather gradually came to an end. It was light rain (become steady at about 10:45 am) in a Gentle Breeze from the north at 15.2 ºC. The light rain lasted for less than one hour, although there were a few extra short duration drizzles. Precipitation was negligible and nil was recorded.

7 August 2006
It felt cooler on a cloudy day but the air temperature at 6:00 pm was 22.6 ºC with a humidity of 72%. This is milaria (heat rash) weather.

5 August 2006
24.4 ºC at 61% humidity is very sticky in the afternoon.

23-28 July 2006
Despite an occasional rumble of thunder, the heatwave continues with temperatures in the high twenties Celsius. On 28 July 2006, we began at midnight with an air temperature of 21.2 ºC and a humidity of 85%. The temperature fell to 18.6 ºC by dawn.
July Weather Summary

Lightning at dawn on 22 July 2006 UK22 July 2006
The rain reduced the air temperature from 25.4 ºC to 23.7 ºC with a humidity at 80% (and falling) at 2:12 pm. This is unpleasant weather indodors, but not so bad outside in a Light Breeze.
Thunder from11:00 am rumbled rather tamely in the distance and the first spots of rain fall. The rain fell steadily and vertically from 11:30 am to about 1:00 pm with the day total up to 15.49 mm.
Lightning flashed across the sky from 11:53 am up to one flash a minute for a period of three minutes.
By 9:40 am, the warm and humid weather returned recording an air temperature of 24.8 ºC and humidity of 75%.
Thunder and lightning flashes across the sky before dawn at 3:30 am, but not excessive as the air temperature falls to 22.1 ºC at 77% humidty. The Light Breeze (4 mph) was from the NNW. Precipitation was at 0.76 mm before dawn, but this was hardly noticed.

The map shows the lightning discharges at a rate of 4 to 8 every 30 minutes.

21 July 2006
The maximum air temperature was 29.3 ºC at 4:30 pm. At midnight it fell to 23.2 ºC with 69% humidity and Light Air (2 mph).
First thing in the morning at 8:00 am the air temperature was 23.0 ºC at 73% humidity and Calm (Force 0) with no wind at all. It was extremely uncomfortable.
Shoreham Beach Weather in Real Time

20 July 2006
In the early evening the air temperature was 24.4 ºC at 74% humidity. At midnight it fell to 19.3 ºC with 83% humidity.
It was not quite so warm as the maximum air temperature measured 25.9 ºC at 2:31 pm. But with the humidity at 70% there was no relief from the heatwave. The minimum dawn air temperature was 19.9 ºC at 5:22 am.

Links to the Ocean Weather surface sea temperature page
Over night it became overcast, sticky and humid, the midnight temperature was 22.4 ºC. At dawn the temperature had only fallen to 20.4 ºC but the humidity rose to 82%. The Gentle Breeze (Force 3) had moved around to a constant SSW,
UK Satellite Images
The local inshore sea temperature was 19.8 °C. However, in the central English Channel the surface sea temperature measured 16.8°C.
Surface Sea Temperatures (Link)
External Links

19 July 2006
Just before midnight 0.25 mm of rain was just about noticeable.
At 1:22 pm, the highest ever temperature of 30.7 ºC was recorded at Shoreham.
This rose to 31.0 ºC at 1:36 pm. The wind direction was mostly Easterly.
The highest morning temperature of the year and century (and probably the highest ever recorded locally) was 29.8 ºC at 10:06 am.
The lowest temperature around dawn was 22.2 ºC at 4:53 am, with 65 % humidity and a wind speed of 2 mph (Light Air).
36.3 ºC (97.3 ºF) was recorded near Gatwick Airport. This is the highest ever recorded in July and the highest ever in Sussex.

18 July 2006
It became hot earlier than yesterday the air temperature reached 30.0 ºC at 2:24 pm.  The temperature peaked at 30.1 ºC at 2:37 pm. 25.1 ºC at midnight.
NB: These were Shoreham Weather Station figures and may not be accurate.

17 July 2006
At 3:58 pm it became HOT as the temperature attained 30.0 ºC for the first time since 2003. The highest temperature attained during the day was 30.3 ºC at 4:15 and 4:30 pm, with a wind speed of 2 mph. 23.3 ºC near midnight. Humidity was 48% at the hottest time. The temperature at midnight was 23.1 ºC.
It was the warmest morning of the year so far as the air temperature measured 29.6 ºC at 11:39 am.

NB:  A recent historic look at the records, I find a Shoreham Beach record air temperature of 30.6 °C on 5 August 2003.
Officially it is a heatwave if it is over 28 ºC in the day and over 15 ºC at night.

The highest UK temperature ever recorded was 38.5 °C at Brogdale, near Faversham, Kent, on 10 August 2003.

16 July 2006
There was hardly a cloud in the blue sky on a significantly warm day without a breeze (wind speed 1 to 5 mph in the early afternoon) and the air temperature measured 29.4 ºC  at 3:34 pm. It was 22.4 ºC just after midnight.

15 July 2006
The was not a cloud in the blue sky. The air temperature measured 25.2 ºC at 3:41 pm, in a Moderate Breeze (Force 4).

9 July 2006
The weather had been getting steadily cooler, but the warm spell finally came to an end (to 19.2 ºC at midday) with light rain (1.27 mm in the morning) and a Strong Breeze (Force 6).

5 July 2006
Thunder cracked at 4:00 am and it rained briefly (7.87 mm).It was not quite so warm as the air temperature measured 24.8 ºC at 2:47 pm.

3 July 2006
It was not quite so warm as the air temperature measured 28.9 ºC at 11:15 am.

2 July 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 29.8 ºC  at 4:16 pm. This was the warmest temperature that I have ever recalled. It was 23.3 ºC just before midnight.

1 July 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 29.2 ºC  at 4:42 pm. It was 24.0 ºC at midnight. This was warmer than any day last year. The wind was Light Air to a Gentle Breeze and the humidity was about 47% during the morning.

30 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 26.5 ºC  at 4:42 pm. It was 20.6 ºC at midnight.

12 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 26.4 ºC at 5:03 pm. It was 20.6 ºC at midnight.

11 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 26.2 ºC at 3:44 pm.

10 June 2006
Adur World Oceans Day 2006 was bathed in a heatwave, but the show was over before the warmest day of the year so far was recorded as the air temperature measured 25.8 ºC at 5:40 pm.

9 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 25.7 ºC at 4:15 pm.

8 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 24.6 ºC at 4:21 pm. The temperature fell to 18.6 ºC by midnight and to 16.4 ºC the following dawn.

3 June 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 22.6 ºC at 4:51 pm.

29 May 2006
Just after midday, Hailstones battered against the window as I dried out after being caught in a heavy rain shower brought by dark black clouds from the north. It was all over in twenty minutes and then the fluffy white cirrus covered most of the northern sky for the overcast Bank Holiday Monday.

25 May 2006
Herb Robert
Marsh Marigold

Intermittent showers were a nuisance.

23 May 2006
The gales had fallen to a Strong Breeze (Force 6) gusting to Gale Force 7.

22 May 2006
A Fresh Gale Force 8 gusting to Force 9 in the morning, with light rain at midday.
21 May 2006
Three Swifts were seen (from southern car park of Mill Hill) flying over Frampton's Field before the cloud descended and obscured visibility and turned into steady rain that continued for the rest of the daylight.

Image :Alexanders and Cow Parsley on the southern part of Mill Hill Nature Reserve

Alexanders and Cow Parsley on the southern part of Mill Hill Nature Reserve

18-19 May 2006
Moderate Gale Force 7 Gales occured at midnight, and there was one Force 9 gust before 1:00 pm, and the gale sounded capable of causing damage. At 1:33 am  there was a gust of 54 mph.

13 May 2006
The wind was blowing from all four compass points at different times in the afternoon at a steady Force 4 to 5.

12 May 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 22.0 ºC at 4:55pm.

11 May 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 21.9 ºC at3:49 pm.

1 May 2006
May came in with a shower.

26 April 2006
With the sun out so were the flying insects with twenty one butterflies of seven species.
Butterfly Report

23 April 2006
It rained steadily but lightly for almost the complete day up until about 5:00 pm. The rain was so light that it only registered 1.52 mm by 7:00 pm.

22 April 2006
Another fine day and I was bitterly disappointed that circumstances and a multiple cycle puncture prevented me from going out and enjoying the sunshine.

21 April 2006
It was the warmest day of the year so far as the air temperature measured 21.7 ºC at 2:52 pm.

10-14 April 2006
It seemed to too breezy and overcast with showers to be worth even a passing visit to the wasteland on the edge of the town or the downs and Adur valley where butterflies could be expected if the weather was more clement.

10 April 2006
There was a report of an overnight dusting of snow on Cissbury Ring (from Bernard Forbes on Birds of Sussex).
1 April 2006
Under a blue sky, the sun was out with the first warm spring day and an air temperature that reached 12.9 ºC at 3:19 pm.
9 March 2006

It was a cold bright day with the wind chill not much above freezing (1.2 ºC at 1:54 pm).

2 March 2006

Clouds over Ropetackle
There were a few grey clouds under a blue sky with white fluffy cirrus clouds. The grey cloud produced a flurry of light snow, mostly condensed like hailstones and this brief period lasted for 20 minutes and the snow did not lay, but still recorded nil precipitation on the . The dusty snow/hail covering on some cold roofs and earth melted in about five minutes.

1 March 2006
On a bright clear day under a blue sky with white fluffy cirrus clouds, the flurry of very light snow lasted for two minutes and did not lay. It was so brief that precipitation was measured at zero. The air temperature recorded 7.1 ºC, the highest of the day just before 3:00 pm.
There was a thin layer of ice on my north facing garden throughout the day, whereas garden ponds without shelter were ice-free.

28 February 2006
There was no sign of snow, lowest air temperature was 3.0 °C and the light is so good I can see the cattle wandering over the downs from my front window in Shoreham (usually a haze or clouds obscures the view). The temperature only rose to 7.1 ºC and the wind chill was below zero at times during the day.

23 February 2006
10:40 am: the temperature outside the window (Lancing) is 3.0 °C and light snow is falling.

Report by Ray Hamblett on Lancing Nature Notes
By the afternoon it was steady rain in Shoreham town.
Drought Conditions

9 February 2006
I felt a chill breeze from the north-west but I have not got precise records of the wind speed and air temperature.
Wind Chill Calculator

28 January 2006
The weather was a bracing northerly (16° azimuth) Force 4 gusting to Force 7 (just as I went out and got blown back in again) and a wind chill of around or below zero C.
25 January 2006
The air temperature falling to minus 1.6 ºC at 5:57 am was the lowest recorded this winter and this year on Shoreham Beach. There was the first very thin ice on my garden pond. The dew point at the same time was minus 4.3 ºC. During the day the temperature rose to 5.6 ºC 4:21 pm in the Light Breeze.



17 January 2006
The air temperature was 12.7 ºC at 11:04 am.

17 January 2006
My first butterfly and my first large insect of the year was seen flying in of the beach and sea over the fringes of Widewater Lagoon at 2:00 pm. Alas, it was so sudden and disappeared so quickly I could not be positive of its identity. It was probably a Red Admiral. The air temperature was 11.1 ºC.
Adur Butterflies 2006

15 January 2006
A warm night was noted with the temperature only falling to 8.7 ºC just before dawn, but it was not much warmer in the day with the air temperature only reaching 11.3 ºC.

9 January 2006

Sunset over Lancing

8 January 2006
Steady rain throught the day brought a daily total of 8.13 mm and made it very squelchy and muddy underfoot.
History Page

1 January 2006
The new year started with showers and a mean air temperature of 7.8 ºC.

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