Wild Flowers
Addenda 2015
To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

from January 2015
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Sussex Wild Flora
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Wild Flowers 2016

28 December 2015

Daffodils were spotted in flower on a grass verge near Buckingham Park.

December 2015
The only wild flowers noted were Dandelion, Common Daisy and Nipplewort.

2 November 2015

Shoreham Beach
Rock Samphire, Kidney Vetch, Thrift, Sea Kale
Rock Samphire
Bristly Ox-tongue, Sea Beet, Sea Mayweed

25 October 2015


23 October 2015

Sea Mayweed
Sea Aster
Rock Samphire
Cord Grass

20 October 2015

Mill Hill
Sweet Violet, Carline Thistle, Autumn Gentian,Yellow Wort, Centaury
Rough Hawkbit, Self-heal
Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon saxatilis , Devil's Bit Scabious, Dogwood, Hardhead

13 October 2015

Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon saxatilis on Mill Hill
Central pair is a Dandelion
(NB: first pair could be Autumnal Hawkbit, Scorzoneroides autumnalis)

12 October 2015

The single Kidney Vetch flower on Buckingham Cutting (south) was atypical for this late in the year (outside of its normal flowering period).

11 October 2015

Milkwort, Chicory, Scarlet Pimpernel
Viper's Bugloss, Everlasting Pea (pod)

10 October 2015

Sea Purslane, Hemp Agrimony, Creeping Thistle
Hemp Agrimony, Hawthorn

8 October 2015

Bristly Ox-tongue, Old Man's Beard, Common Mallow
Musk Mallow, Yarrow, Yarrow

1 October 2015

Green Alkanet, Autumn Gentian, Dwarf Thistle
Carline Thistle, Dog Violet, Cotoneaster

23 September 2015

Mill Hill (Lower Slopes)

21 September 2015

Glasswort & Sea Aster
Widewater Lagoon margins

13 September 2015

Adur Levels
Pasture near Miller's Stream
West side of the Steyning Road
 Annual Mercury, Verbena bonariensis, Fleabane
Greater Willowherb, Water Mint, Water Mint, Hedge Woundwort

Water Mint
Bulrush or Reedmace

10 September 2015

Sea Aster
Sea Mayweed
(probable ID)

Sea Mayweed from Southwick Beach. I have not mastered identifying the Mayweeds.

Tripleurospermum inodorum - Scentless Mayweed
Tripleurospermum maritimum - Sea Mayweed

8 September 2015

Mill Hill
Fleabane, Round-headed Rampion, Red Bartsia, Hogweed
Greater Knapweed, Carline Thistle, Wild Basil, White Campion

7 September 2015

Anchor Bottom
Autumn Gentian
Centre: Ragwort
Red Bartsia, Dwarf Thistle

Cyclepath verges: Old Shoreham to Upper Beeding
Musk Mallow, Hemp Agrimony, Guelder Rose
Wayfaring Tree
Toadflax, Viper's Bugloss

3 September 2015


Shoreham Beach
???  Yellow-horned Poppy
Dock, Yellow-horned Poppy, Red Valerian

1 September 2015

Mill Hill
Devil's Bit Scabious, Round-headed Rampion, Autumn Gentian
Small Scabious
Red Bartsia, Greater Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Lesser Knapweed (=Hardhead)

30 August 2015

Sea Purslane

27 August 2015

Old Shoreham
Sea Aster, Sea Purslane, Glasswort
Greater Knapweed, Red Bartsia, Musk Mallow, Red Bartsia & Fleabane

After three days of almost continual rain, I was struck by how quickly the warm summer had turned into a breezy autumn. Too cold for butterflies, and the few bees, bumblebees and hoverflies had few wild flowers to visit. At Old Shoreham they were seen to visit the first flowers of Sea Aster and a clump of Greater Knapweed.

Musk Mallow

18 August 2015

Mainly Lancing, some near Shoreham Airport
 Musk Mallow (Shoreham), Mayweed, Yellow-horned Poppy, Bristly Ox-tongue
Poppy, Mayweed, Poppy, Annual Wall Rocket

Larkspur, Consolida sp.
Naturalised wild plant from abroad
Common Poppies
Common Vetch

Near Shoreham Airport

17 August 2015

Mainly Old Shoreham
Hogweed, Hogweed, Spear Thistle
Viper's Bugloss, Common Toadflax

16 August 2015

Steyning Downland
Agrimony, Hogweed, Red Bartsia, Sloe, Teasel
Creeping Thistle, Sloe, Creeping Thistle

Small Scabious
Docks recorded in the Shoreham area: Flora of Shoreham-by-Sea (List)
Rumex acetosa 
Rumex acetosella 
Rumex conglomeratus 
Rumex crispus 
Rumex hydrolapathum 
Rumex obtusifolius 
Rumex pulcher 
Rumex sanguineus 

14 August 2015

Pixie Path 3138 & Mill Hill Cutting (SW)

Traveller's Joy

10 August 2015

Mill Hill

9 August 2015

Trip to Steyning
Sloe, Bramble, Red Bartsia
Hemlock Water Dropwort
Greater Burdock, Wild Parsnip, Everlasting Pea, Carline Thistle

5 August 2015

Hogweed, Tansy & Mayweed

3 August 2015

Mill Hill
Traveller's Joy, Wild Carrot, Ploughman's Spikenard
Greater Knapweed
Bramble, Dwarf Thistle, Greater Willowherb, Self-heal, Belladonna, Common Poppy

1 August 2015

Mill Hill
Fleabane, Great Mullein, Squinancywort
Squinancywort + Eyebright, Greater Knapweed, Marjoram + Ploughman's Spikenard, Lesser Burdock

Eyebright on Mill Hill

31 July 2015

Shoreham Beach
Yellow-horned Poppy, Hare's Foot Clover, Feverfew
Mugwort, Rock Campion, Bittersweet

30 July 2015

Mill Hill
Lesser Burdock, Field Scabious, Centaury, Hemp Agrimony
Round-headed Rampion
Mignonette, Hemp Agrimony, Traveller's Joy, Belladonna, Fleabane, Marjoram
Wild Basil, Melilot

28 July 2015

Adur Estuary
Sea Purslane, Sea Aster, Glasswort
Duke of Argyll's Tea Plant

25 July 2015

Old Shoreham
Hardhead, Teasel, Teasel, Lesser Burdock
Lesser Burdock, Wild Carrot, Yarrow
Marjoram, Duke of Argyll's Tea Plant, Hogweed, Buddleia

23 July 2015

Adur Levels & Steyning
Marjoram, Ragwort, Fleabane, Small Scabious, Rosebay Willowherb
Fleabane, Bellflower
Rosebay Willowherb, Marjoram, Tufted Vetch, Vervain

21 July 2015
I made a visit to Mill Hill, but this was curtailed by a combination of an overcast day and Strong Breeze (Force 6 gusting to Force 7).

Round-headed Rampion
Meadow Cranesbill
Welted Thistle

Of special note was my first Round-headed Rampion flower of the year near the path that winds its way through the lower slopes. Toadflax was also seen in flower for the first time this year.

Mill Hill

19 July 2015

Mill Hill
Musk Thistle, Fleabane, Dwarf Thistle, Yarrow, Common Poppy
Teasel, Carline Thistle
Eyebright, Wild Basil, Greater Knapweed

16 July 2015
Most of the large Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum, plants had been hacked down but there were young growths next to the remnants of the 25 mm diameter hollow stems. These small plants look very much like the Common Hogweed, Heracleum sphondylium, which is coming into flower.   (Giant Hogweed flowers from late May.)
Information File on Giant Hogweed
Poison Garden: Hogweeds

15 July 2015

Buddleia by the River Adur at Old Shoreham
with Hemp Agrimony and Common Mallow

Hedge Woundwort was seen in flower on the verges of the Coombes Road.

14 July 2015

Mill Hill and approaches
Feverfew, Small Scabious, Dotted Loosestrife, Spear Thistle, Lesser Burdock
Wild Basil, Dwarf Thistle, Hogweed, Carline Thistle
Self-heal, Marjoram, Melilot, Autumnal Hawkbit, Teasel, Ragwort

10 July 2015

Shoreham Beach
Sea Kale, Wild Carrot, English Stonecrop,
Field Bindweed, Yellow-horned Poppy

7 July 2015

Buckingham Cutting (south)
Yellow Rattle, Spotted Orchid, Wayfaring Tree
Restharrow, Kidney Vetch

English Stonecrop


6 July 2015

Mill Hill
Marjoram, Small Scabious x 2
Self-heal, Squinancywort, Dwarf Thistle, Field Scabious

3 July 2015

Old Shoreham & Mill Hill
Lady's Bedstraw, Perforate St. John's Wort, Squinancywort, Eyebright
Vervain, Common Poppy
Greater Burdock, Wild Carrot, Greater  Willowherb, Hardhead

1 & 2 July 2015

Shoreham Beach Central
(except for the second picture on the bottom row)
Yellow-horned Poppy, Red Valerian & Silver Ragwort, Dock, Viper's Bugloss
Yellow-horned Poppy, English Stonecrop, Silver Ragwort, Seaside Daisy

29 June 2015

Mill Hill
Privet, Feverfew, Field Scabious, Ragwort
Greater Knapweed, Carline Thistle, Yellow Wort

28 June 2015

Steyning Line Cyclepath
Old Shoreham to Upper Beeding

27 June 2015

Outskirts: Old Shoreham
Mayweed x 3, Ox-eye Daisy
Dotted Loosestrife, Dock, Poppy

Everlasting Pea

25 June 2015

Shoreham Beach

Slender Thistle
Musk Mallow

24 June 2015

Orchids on Mill Hill Cutting
Adur Orchids

Mill Hill

New plants in flower included Perforated St John's Wort, Agrimony on the lower slopes and Musk Thistle next to the southern steps.

Common Spotted Orchid
Knapweed Broomrape
Fragrant Orchid

Adur Knapweeds

23 June 2015

Shoreham Beach East
Cat's Ear, Viper's Bugloss, Biting Stonecrop, Sea Campion
 Yellow-horned Poppy
Kidney Vetch, Hare's Foot Clover, Childing Pink, Sea Kale

Childing Pink
Cat's Ear
Hare's Foot Clover

22 June 2015

Shoreham Beach East
Viper's Bugloss, Great Mullein. Common Poppy
Childing Pink, Hare's Foot Clover
Adur Childing Pink

21 June 2015

Steyning Line Cyclepath & Anchor Bottom
Rough Hawkbit, Pyramidal Orchid, Dove's Foot Cranesbill, Field Bindweed
  Centaury, Yellow Wort, Fragrant Orchid, Purple Toadflax

Of most interest were scores of Fragrant Orchids amounting to over a hundred on the southern bank of Anchor Bottom where the Horseshoe Vetch (almost all was gone) had at least three plants in flower. Some of the Fragrant Orchids were fading and others were budding, but I think generally they were past their best.
Adur Orchids

19 June 2015
I visited Mill Hill around the middle of the day. At the top of Chanctonbury Drive (SE of the bridge), the grass had been mown along with the Bee Orchid which did not survive.

Mill Hill

On the edges of the southern steps to the lower slopes of Mill Hill, I noted both Silverweed and Creeping Cinquefoil close to each other but in separate habitats. Approaching mid-summer and more plants began to flower: noting the almost complete demise of the Horseshoe Vetch, two late Dog Violets, the frequent Dropwort, the first of the slender Yellow Wort, occasional Rough Hawkbit and Cat's Ear, the ground hugging Self-heal and one newly budding Carline Thistle. On the middle slopes there were yellow swathes of Bird's Foot Trefoil and Yellow Rattle. On the top of the hill a few Greater Knapweed appeared in flower, as well as the unusual appearance of the parasitic Knapweed Broomrape, Orobanche elatior, that grows brown and upright. There seemed to be more of these brown spikes than in previous years. On the southern top flattish part of Mill Hill, there were masses of Ragwort, not yet in flower, hundreds of plants instead of the occasional one in disturbed soil.  At the best northern end of the lower slopes, Privet is extremely invasive blotting out the Horseshoe Vetch for good.

Knapweed Broomrape
Creeping Cinquefoil

18 June 2015

Southwick Beach
Biting Stonecrop, Hop Trefoil, Sea Mayweed, Sea Beet
Thrift, Common Mallow

17 June 2015

Buckingham Cutting (south)
Common Spotted Orchid, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Kidney Vetch
Red Clover, Salad Burnet, Common Spotted Orchid, Yellow Rattle

15 June 2015

Rough Hawkbit
Yellow Rattle

Adur Levels
Pyramidal Orchid, Hardhead (=Lesser Knapweed), Common Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy
Sainfoin, Ox-eye Daisy, Sainfoin, Dogwood
Vetchling, Viper's Bugloss, Rough Hawkbit, White Clover

14 June 2015

Steyning Road verges, Old Shoreham
Yellow Flag, Foxglove, Creeping Cinquefoil, Herb Bennet
Dog Rose, Bladder Campion, Tufted Vetch

10 June 2015

Southwick Beach
Sea Beet, Thrift, Silver Ragwort
Silver Ragwort, Yellow-horned Poppy, Kidney Vetch
Bird's Foot Trefoil, Sea Beet

7 June 2015

Mill Hill
Fairy Flax, Wild Thyme, Horseshoe Vetch, White Campion
Eyebright, Hawkbit
Wild Mignonette, Dropwort, Bee Orchid
Adur Orchids

6 June 2015

Cat's Ear, Common Spotted Orchid, Sea Campion
Viper's Bugloss, Sea Campion
Adur Orchids

Red Valerian, Red Hot Poker
Shoreham Beach

1 June 2015

Bladder Campion
 Cyclepath, Old Shoreham
Adur Campions

31 May 2015

Friends of Shoreham Beach Wild Flower Walk

Italian Catchfly
Italian Catchfly
Dove's Foot Cranesbill
Dove's Foot Cranesbill

The Friends of Shoreham Beach Wild Flower Walk started off in a blustery way, blown about by a Strong Breeze (Force 6) gusting to Gale Force 8, low flying clouds, poor light and a few spots of rain that developed into a drizzle later in the afternoon. This made photography difficult to impossible. Highlights of the walk included the local rarity known as the Starry Clover that had finished flowering and at the calyx stage and had been mown flat, the peak flowering of the Sea Kale, the vast expanses of Red Valerian, the first Yellow-horned Poppy, the very frequent Slender Thistle, the previously unmentioned (or overlooked or mistaken identity) diminutive Dove's Foot Cranesbill Geranium molle, the local patch of the campion-like Italian Catchfly Silene italica, the newly flowering Kidney Vetch and Viper's Bugloss, the sturdy Tree Mallow, a patch of Mouse-eared Hawkweed, and the wind battered Sea Campion.

Friends of Shoreham Beach

27 - 28 May 2015

Yellow Flag
Yellow Rattle

26 May 2015

Shoreham Beach West
Plantain, Kidney Vetch, Viper's Bugloss,  Columbine Aquilegia vulgaris, Ivy-leaved Toadflax
Red Valerian, Sea Kale & ???, Snow-in-Summer Cerastium tomentosum
Thrift, Sea Campion, Silver Ragwort
Sea Kale,  Sweet Briar Rose, Tree Mallow

Sea Kale and unidentified yellow plant

Kidney Vetch was flowering on Shoreham Beach but not yet on the verges of the A27 in the chalk cutting, north Shoreham.

25 May 2015

Ox-eye Daisy, Yellow Flag Iris, Rosebay Willowherb
Meadow Buttercup, Willow, Brooklime
Adur Levels

24 May 2015

Salad Burnet, Silverweed, Deadly Nightshade, Wild Mignonette
Dropwort, Horseshoe Vetch, Carline Thistle
Brooklime, Bird's Foot Trefoil
All on Mill Hill except Brooklime

22 May 2015

Silverweed, Bulbous Buttercup, Meadow Buttercup
and Buttercups

Ox-eye Daisies
plus Red Clover, Bulbous Buttercup and Brooklime
Cyclepath, Old Shoreham

21 May 2015

Red Valerian, Ox-eye Daisy, Brooklime, Herb Robert (white form known as Herb Albert)
Ramsons Allium ursinum*, Wild Mignonette, Meadow Buttercup, Horseshoe Vetch
Hawkbit, Silverweed
(* this is not the Star of Bethlehem. Nor is it Spring Starflower,  Ipheion uniflorum?)

Now thought to be Ramsons Allium ursinum

16 May 2015

Shoreham Beach West & Widewater Lagoon Flood Plain
Sea Kale, Tree Mallow,
Hoary Cress, Thrift, Ivy-leaved Toadflax

13 May 2015

Giant Hogweed
Heracleum mantegazzianum

12 May 2015

Green-winged Orchid
Mouse-eared Hawkweed

A cycle ride to Botolphs and back along and back along the Downs Link Cyclepath on a breezy overcast afternoon rewarded me with Hawthorn and Wayfaring Tree flowering in the hedgerow that lined the route. The verges will beginning to show a bit of colour, with remains of the Cowslipsjoined by carpets of Germander Speedwell, Ground Ivy and Crosswort, clumps of Common Vetch, Bluebells, Bulbous Buttercups, Red Campion, and Bugle, occasional Bird's Foot Trefoil, Ox-eye Daisy, Mouse-ear, Mouse-eared Hawkweeds and Dandelions, with lots of green leaves. Horsetails were noted when it may have been overlooked before. As the afternoon wore on, the sun came out. Cuckoo Flower was seen by a stream near Botolphs. A detour was made to Anchor Bottom for the scattered hundreds of Green-winged Orchids but there was nothing else of interest.

Steyning Line Cyclepath
Old Shoreham to Botolphs (and Anchor Bottom)

Equisetum palustre
Ground Ivy

11 May 2015

Mill Hill and approaches
Bulbous Buttercup, Hawthorn, Milkwort, Bugle

10 May 2015

Mill Hill and approaches
Horseshoe Vetch, Bugle, Milkwort, Horseshoe Vetch

North Shoreham

8 -9 May 2015

Hawthorn was beginning to flower.  The image also shows Common Vetch, Bulbous Buttercup, Sow Thistle, Marsh Marigold, Tree Mallow and Thrift.

1 May 2015

Germander Speedwell

28 April 2015

Cuckoo's Corner and nearby
   White Deadnettle, Lady's Smock (= Cuckoo Flower), Garlic Mustard,
Herb Robert, Water-starwort

24 April 2015

Milkwort, Ground Ivy
Nipplewort, Bulbous Buttercup, Red Deadnettle

19 April 2015

Cow Parsley, Red Campion, Dove's Foot Cranesbill, Snakeshead Fritillary
Cowslip, Greater Periwinkle variety, Snakeshead Fritillary
Dandelion, Cowslip, Blue Comfrey, Dove's Foot Cranesbill, Garlic Mustard,Bluebell

Red Campion

16 April 2015
Dove's Foot Cranesbill and Ragwort were seen in flower for the first time this year. Corn Salad, Valerianella was seen by the road verges.

13 April 2015

Forget-me-not, Alexanders, White Deadnettle, Blackthorn
Green Alkanet, Hawthorn leaves, Ground Ivy
White Comfrey, Pussy Willow catkins, Field Speedwell, Blackthorn

Ground Ivy

8 April 2015
Blackthorn was in full flower at Cuckoo's Corner where the first Hawthorn appeared in leaf.

7 April 2015

Blackthorn was flowering next to the Steyning Road in Old Shoreham.

5 April 2015

Outskirts & Downs
Scurvy Grass, Field Speedwell, Sweet Violet, Dog Violet, Carline Thistle
Alexander, Dog Violet, Alexander, Primrose
Scurvy Grass, Primrose

1 April 2015

Red Deadnettle

28 March 2015

27 March 2015
Field Speedwell was seen in flower on a roundabout on Shoreham Beach.

25 March 2015

The first Cowslips appeared in flower on the verges of the cyclepath north of Old Shoreham together with one clump of Primroses, white Sweet Violets, Ground Ivy, Dandelions and Lesser Celandine.

20 & 22 March 2015

Flora at Portslade (20th): Hairy Bitter Cress, Daffodils, Sweet Violet
and Old Shoreham (22nd) (by Frampton's Field)

Pussy Willow catkins were seen next to the cyclepath in Old Shoreham.

11 March 2015
Red Dead-nettle was seen in flower on road verges on the outskirts of Lancing.

10 March 2015
A Mayweed was seen in flower on builders rubble and soil dumped on Tarmount Public Hard, Shoreham.

7 March 2015

Flora on Mill Hill
Carline Thistle, Mosses (with a sprout of Milkwort)
Carline Thistle, Ploughman's Spikenard (x2)

Cherry Plum was also seen in flower on the small trees.

5 March 2015

Spring Flowers
Parish Churchyard of St. Andrew, Steyning
Snowdrops, Anemone blanda, Lesser Celandine
Primrose, Daffodils, Hyacinth Squill, Primrose

14 January 2015
Daffodils and Common Daisies were seen in flower.

4 January 2015
I recorded my first wild flower of the year, a Lesser Celandine in Southwick, previously seen last year on Christmas Day 2014.

1 January 2015
No wild flowers were seen in flower in Shoreham.

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