Wild Flowers
Addenda 2017
To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

from January 2015
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20 June 2017

Cat's Ear, Common Mallow, Nipplewort
Hedge Woundwort. Nipplewort
Adur Levels. Old Shoreham

Adur Mallows

19 June 2017

Field Bindweed, Knapweed Broomrape, Dropwort, Common Ragwort
Yellow Wort, Vervain
Bladder Campion, Eyebright, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Silverweed
Mill Hill

This was found with Knapweed on Mill Hill, but I am not sure which species? I think it is Knapweed Broomrape from previous records compared.
Mill Hill

18 June 2017

Tufted Vetch, Self-heal, Pyramidal Orchid
Down's Link Cyclepath: Erringham Gap - Cement Works

15 June 2017

Black Medick, Kidney Vetch, Pyramidal Orchid
Wayfaring, Yellow Rattle
Slonk Hill Cutting and Buckingham Cutting (south)

14 June 2017
In a humid afternoon on the southern bank of Buckingham Cutting, Spotted Orchids were common and beginning to turn brown and the occasional Pyramidal Orchid was budding or showing their first flowers. My first Restharrow and yellow Meadow Vetchling of the year were noted in the roadside meadow.

Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil
Restharrow x 2, Meadow Vetchling
Buckingham Cutting

13 June 2017
At last the breeze was gentle (Force 3) on a sunny humid day. The white flowers of Elderflower, Privet and Bramble were dominant in the landscape. Privet threatened to overrun the lower slopes of Mill Hill and certainly blotted out many of the Dropwort flowers. In the bare patches Yellow Wort opened its flowers in the morning.

Southern Marsh Orchid, Yellow Wort, Agrimony, Greater Knapweed
Common Spotted Orchids, Yellow Wort, Dropwort

On the southern side of Mill Hill Cutting there were over a hundred Common Spotted Orchids with a handful of both Southern Marsh Orchids and Pyramidal Orchids.
Adur Orchids

11 June 2017
With the ninth successive day of windsurfer weather the summer flowers were blown about in the Fresh Breeze (Force 5). Common Spotted Orchids and Pyramidal Orchids were commonly in flower on the verges of the cyclepath between Erringham Gap and the Cement Works. The orchids bright colours stood out through the growing green vegetation. One spike of Bee Orchid was spotted.

Common Spotted Orchids,  Greater Knapweed, Hardhead (=Lesser Knapweed),
Pyramidal Orchid, Mayweed
Down's Link Cyclepath: Erringham Gap - Cement Works

Viper's Bugloss, Rosebay Willowherb, Common Spotted Orchids with Creeping Cinquefoil
Sainfoin, Water Cress species
Down's Link Cyclepath: Erringham Gap - Cement Works

Other notable cyclepath verge flowers included Yellow Rattle, abundant Lady's Bedstraw and White Clover, new flowers of Rosebay Willowherb, Hardheads (=Lesser Knapweed), Greater Knapweed, frequent Ox-eyed Daisies, occasional flowers of Viper's Bugloss, Mouse-eared Hawkweed,  Rough Hawkbit, one area of Sainfoin, patches of Creeping Cinquefoil, Hop Trefoil and Germander Speedwell, a type of Water Cress by the murky freshwater stream and a patch of Mayweed by the tidal River Adur. Elderflower and Bramble were blossoming in the hedges that border the Down's Link Cyclepath where the first Buddleia flowers were seen.
Adur Daisies

Mouse-eared Hawkweed &  Rough Hawkbit

List of the Common Yellow Dandelion-types

10 June 2017

Yellow Flag Iris, Creeping Thistle, Dove's Foot Cranesbill, Strawberry*
Broad-leaved  Willowherb~, Bramble~, Hedge Woundwort
Ladywells, Coombes Road
(*St. Mary's Churchyard.) (~Waterworks Road.)

9 June 2017

Yellow Flag Iris
Ladywells, Coombes Road

A whole week of persistently breezy weather continued with a steady Fresh Breeze (Force 5). In a field of Yellow Flag Iris Hedge Woundwort, Coltsfoot (grass) and Stinging Nettles, next to Ladywell's Stream (just north of Cuckoo's Corner) I disturbed a Meadow Brown Butterfly and a Brown Argus.
Adur Butterfly List 2017

4 June 2017

Silver Ragwort
Shoreham Beach

Adur Ragworts

3 June 2017

Kidney Vetch, Tree Mallow, Broom
Viper's Bugloss
Shoreham Beach

Summer plants recently noted in flower on Shoreham Beach included the ground hugging Bird's Foot Trefoil, Seaside Daisy Erigeron glaucus and Kidney Vetch, the more upright Common Mallow, Viper's Bugloss, Cat's Ear, Slender Thistle and one clump of Broom. A steady Strong Breeze (Force 6) impaired close-up photography.

Red Valerian on Shoreham Beach (east)

Red Valerian

Abundant Red Valerian stretched for hundreds of metres on the shingle above the high tide mark with patches of Silver Ragwort (only one clump seen in flower), clumps of Tree Mallow, flowering Oxford Ragwort, widespread clumps of Thrift, ground hugging Sea Campion and the omnipresent Sea Kale. Common Poppies flowered on Adur Recreation Ground and the overlooked Nipplewort and Wall Rocket on the cracks of the pavements and twittens in and around Shoreham town.
Adur Ragworts

31 May 2017

Yellow Rattle, Dotted Loosestrife, Bladder Campion
Buttercup, Lady's Bedstraw
Downs Link Cyclepath: Old Shoreham to Upper Beeding

Adur Orchids

26 May 2017

Tree Mallow, Red Valerian & Sea Kale, Oxford Ragwort
Starry Clover, Red Valerian & Sea Kale
Shoreham Beach

25 May 2017

Scarlet Pimpernel*, Common Spotted Orchid, Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil
Common Vetch, Salad Burnet
Buckingham Cutting (south) (*grass verge in Shoreham)

22 May 2017

Dropwort, Horseshoe Vetch
Fairy Flax, Milkwort
Mill Hill

21 May 2017

Star of Bethlehem
Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham (south of Erringham Gap)

16 May 2017

Ox-eye Daisies, Horseshoe Vetch
Salad Burnet, Germander Speedwell, Milkwort
Mill Hill

Salad Burnet

15 May 2017

Hemlock Water Dropwort, Comfrey, Pencilled Cranesbill
Green-winged Orchid, Broad Bean, Red Clover, Red Valerian (white)
Adur Levels

12 May 2017

Urban Weeds
including Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil and White Clover

11 May 2017

Smooth Sow Thistle

10 May 2017

Hemlock Water Dropwort, Crosswort, Dusky (=Black Widow) Cranesbill Geranium phaeum
Garlic Mustard

5 May 2017

Old Shoreham

4 May 2017
Too breezy for photography, too cool for butterflies, and my days are numbered for scrambling about on steep hillsides. Nevertheless the Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, was flowering in abundance on he lower slopes of Mill Hill with most yet to burst out into full bloom. Hounds-tongue was very frequently seen on some cleared ground above the winding footpath through the lower slopes, and just one Mouse-eared Hawkweed by the gate to Old Erringham pastures. No Violets were casually spotted on the lower slopes, but frequent Milkwort was on the upper plateau (immediately south of the upper car park) scattered with more Horseshoe Vetch. One Wayfaring Tree bush was in blossom at the northern end of the lower slopes on Mill Hill.
Adur Tree Report

Horseshoe Vetch, Carline Thistle, Hounds-tongue
Milkwort Polygala vulgaris, Horseshoe Vetch, Mouse-eared Hawkweed

Wayfaring Tree
Mill Hill

2 May 2017

Common Vetch, Vicia sativa
Ants were attracted to the nectar produced by this common legume in a mutualistic arrangement whereby the ants discourage insect herbivores on the plant.
Common Vetch plants are much favoured by ants. The reason being that they have tiny glands called extrafloral nectaries which produce a nectar solution which the ants imbibe. The plants provide the ants with food and in return the ants protect the plant from being eaten by other insects.
More Information
Buckingham Cutting (southern verge)

1 May 2017

Bugle, Germander Speedwell

29 April 2017
Oxford Ragwort, Senecio squalidus, was very common, especially near the railway tracks in Shoreham. It was also seen flowering on Shoreham Beach earlier in the month.

28 April 2017
In the late afternoon in cloudy (poor light) and breezy conditions that were poor for photography:

Sea Campion x2, Red Valerian & Silver Ragwort, Hoary Cress
Sea Kale x2, Hoary Cress
Coastal Shingle by Widewater

25 April 2017

On Shoreham Beach (by Weald Dyke) I was surprised that Red Valerian, Sea Kale and Sea Campion were already beginning to flower.

24 April 2017

Cow Parsley
Common Vetch, Herb Robert, Greater Periwinkle

Common Vetch, Cow Parsley, and Primroses were flowering in or near Buckingham Cutting (south) with Greater Periwinkle in the linear copse area.

20 April 2017

Oil Seed Rape, Bluebells and Lesser Celandine, Hawthorn
Garlic Mustard, Common Marigold

Coombes Road

Common Marigolds, Calendula officinalis, were growing wild alongside (west side) the Coombes Road near the junction to Lancing College.

at Cuckoo's Corner

Garlic Mustard
Coombes Road, near Cuckoo's Corner

19 April 2017

Horseshoe Vetch

On the lower slopes of Mill Hill, the first hundred or so flowers of Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, were showing along with the the first flowers of Milkwort. Young Privet was everywhere over the southern part of the lower slopes. coming back vigorously every year and threatening to shade out the chalkhill plants.

18 April 2017

Tottington Wood

Green-winged Orchid, Early Purple Orchid
Greater Stitchwort, Wood Anemone

12 April 2017

Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Cowslips, Bluebells
White Deadnettle, Bulbous Buttercup
Downs Link Cyclepath
Old Shoreham to Botolphs

Cyclepath verges south of the Cement Works

 11 April 2017

Oxford Ragwort
Shoreham Beach

8 & 11 April 2017

Comfrey, Oxford Ragwort, Ramsons
Ground Ivy, Garlic Mustard, Red Campion

Coombes Road near Cuckoo's Corner
(except for Oxford Ragwort & Red Campion)

8 April 2017
Red Campion was seen in flower near the Withy Gap north Lancing Gap. Oxford Ragwort was flowering on Shoreham Beach.

7 April 2017

Dog Violet, Carline Thistle, Ground Ivy
Common Daisy, Blackthorn

Mill Hill

6 April 2017

Lady's Smock, Herb Robert, Bluebells, Giant Hogweed
White Deadnettle, Green Alkanet, Stinging Nettles

Coombes Road near Ladywells
(except Giant Hogweed)

A single White Campion flower and several buds were seen on the verge of the Coombes Road, south of Cuckoo's Corner. Lady's Smock (or Cuckoo Flower) had already been on flower for a week, and the first Garlic Mustard flowers showed on the verges of the country road.

1 April 2017
Oxford Ragwort, the miniature yellow flowers of Yellow Sorrel and Prickly Sow Thistle were flowering near Brunswick Road Railway Level Crossing, Shoreham.

30 March 2017

Lady's Smock (also known as Cuckoo Flower)
grows in damp places and next to streams, frequent at
South Bramber & Near Botolphs

Cyclepath verges south of the Cement Works

27 March 2017


Field Speedwell, Green Alkanet, Green Alkanet
Alexanders, Dandelion
Waterworks Road

Pellitory of the Wall
Carnot wall of Shoreham Fort
Previous image (with flowers)

23 March 2017

Chickweed Stellaria media, Common Scurvy-grass, Red Deadnettle
Common Daisy, Lesser Celandine, Dandelion

Red Deadnettle
Adur Recreation Ground

22 March 2017

Downs Link Cyclepath: Old Shoreham to Upper Beeding
Sweet Violet, Primrose, Coltsfoot, White Deadnettle
Primrose, Ground Ivy, Pussy Willow, Spring Snowflake Leucojum vernum

17 March 2017

Marsh Marigold

15 March 2017

 Whitlow Grass, Erophila verna
Ferry Road, Shoreham Beach

Whitlow Grass, Greater Periwinkle
Sweet Violet, Germander Speedwell, Spring Starflower


Mill Hill
Carline Thistle, Sweet Violet

9 March 2017

Cherry Plum, Cherry Plum, Sweet Violet, Lesser Celandine
Top of Chanctonbury Drive (Dovecote Estate)

6 March 2017

Cuckoo's Corner
Hawthorn: leaves before flowers

23 February 2017

Primrose, Lesser Celandine

Buckingham Park Chestnut Trees Update

16 February 2017


Just the brief rays of the warm 10.2 °C  sun under a blue sky was a pleasant spring day that brought out Daffodils that were flowering on the Saltings roundabout (west of the Norfolk Bridge).and at the bottom of Parkside, north Shoreham.

2 January 2017
As a leftover from last year, an alien Oxford Ragwort was just about showing a flower by the railway tracks at Eastern Avenue, Shoreham.

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