Wild Flowers
Addenda 2021
To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

William Blake


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20 December 2021
A few Bristly Ox-tongue and Hawkweed Ox-tongue were seen on the verges of the cyclepath between Ropetackle and Old Shoreham first meander.

30 November 2021

Bristly Ox-tongue
Old Shoreham

10 November 2021

Wood Sage, Teucrium scorodonia
Warren Hill NT

21 October 2021

Hawkweed Ox-tongue. Bristly Ox-tongue

Autumn 2021

Pennycress, Glasswort and Sea Aster
Rock Samphire,  Cord Grass

11 October 2021

Tansy, Toadflax, Bristly Ox-tongue
Old Shoreham

Bristly Ox-tongue had largely replaced Hawkweed Ox-tongue on the verges of the cyclepath between Ropetackle and Old Shoreham where a clump of Common Toadflax was spotted.

September 2021

Mill Hill

23 September 2021
After the driest September this century the downs were parched with dried grasses and plants. And everywhere the flowers had disappeared apart from a handful of late flowering ruderals. It was time for the berries and spiders as we move past middle autumn. With absence of nectar, butterflies were few except for the frequent whites.

2 September 2021

 Redshank, Thorn Apple, Pennycress
Black Nightshade
Airport Towpath

26 August 2021

Meadow Vetchling, Ploughman's Spikenard, Lesser Knapweed
Mill Hill

24 August 2021

Sea Mayweed. Sea Holly
Shoreham Beach

22 August 2021

Harebells, Autumn Gentian, Red Star Thistle
Anchor Bottom

Comfrey, Marsh Woundwort. Chicory*
Downs Link
Erringham Gap road verge* and Upper Beeding

19 August 2021

Musk Mallow, Corn Cockle, Cornflower
Park Avenue Open Space

10 August 2021

Meadowsweet, Soapwort

Yellow Loosestrife, Purple Loosestrife. Water Mint, Tansy, Guelder Rose, Red Bartsia*
(*Mill Hill)

9 August 2021

Greater Burdock
Towpath near Cuckoo's Corner

5 August 2021

Burnet Saxifrage. Traveller's Joy, Wild Basil,
Small Scabious, Vervain, Melilot
Mill Hill

31 July 2021

Fennel, Hemp  Agrimony
Traveller's Joy
Old Shoreham Cyclepath

24 July 2021

Yarrow, Dark Mullein, Marjoram
Wild Parsnip, Hogweed
Adur Levels

23 July 2021

Lesser Centaury Centaurium pulchellum with Eyebright, Dwarf Thistle
Wild Basil
Mill Hill Lower

21 July 2021

Hemp Agrimony, Hogweed, Hedge Woundwort, Purple Bellflower
Downs Link
Old Shoreham - Botolphs

Perennial Sow Thistle. Teasel, Greater Willowherb

18 July 2021

Round-headed Rampion, Small Scabious, Pyramidal Orchid
Mill Hill

16 July 2021

Tufted Vetch, Restharrow
Buckingham Cutting South

July 2021

Least Yellow Sorrel, Oxalis exilis, Creeping Cinquefoil
Annual Wall Rocket, Pineapple Weed

14 July 2021

Eyebright, Wild Thyme. Common Centaury
Squinancywort, Scarlet Pimpernel, Self-heal
Mill Hill

12 July 2021
On the Downs Link verges at Old Shoreham I noted Mugwort, Everlasting Pea, Hemp Agrimony. Black Horehound and Perennial Sow Thistle.
Prevalent on the western bank of he Adur by the airport were large clumps and tiny purple flowers of what may be Smooth Tare, Ervum tetraspermum.

Corn Marigold, Teasel, Yarrow
Old Shoreham

9 July 2021

Spear Thistle, Wild Basil, Greater Knapweed
Rosebay Willowherb, Pyramidal Orchid. Marjoram
Downs Link
Old Shoreham - Cement Works

As is usual post Summer Solstice the flora on the verges of the Downs Link changed and dramatically was now beginning to be dominated by the Knapweeds and Bedstraws with prevalent Melilot and umbellifers Hogweed and Wild Carrot. The petals of the carpets of Oxeye Daisies were falling off, but clumps of Mayweed were flowering and the first Rosebay Willowherb showed. Tufted Vetch, Pyramidal Orchids, Creeping Thistle, Common Mallow, Common Ragwort,  Yarrow, Perforate St. John's Wort, were all frequently seen with early Hawkweed Ox-tongues and Bristly Ox-tongues, the green growths of Teasels and Weld, and the tall Viper's Bugloss.

5 July 2021

Sea Heath

2 July 2021

Sea Holly, Childing Pink
Hare's Foot Clover, Field Bindweed
Shoreham Beach

30 June 2021

Salad Burnet, Pyramidal Orchid, Perforate St. John's Wort
Hop Trefoil, English Stonecrop, Sedge
Slonk Hill Cutting (south)

28 June 2021

Common Spotted Orchid, Pyramidal Orchids, Mouse-eared Hawkweed
Purple Toadflax,  Rough Hawkbit,  Yellow Wort
Mill Hill Road Verges and Pixie Path

Yellow Wort

Knapweed (white) and Knapweed Broomrape
Southern top part of Mill Hill

24 June 2021

Viper's Bugloss, Lesser Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Black Horehound, Creeping Cinquefoil. Mouse-ear
Dotted Loosestrife, Ox-eye Daisy, Agrimony, Common Spotted Orchid, Pyramidal Orchid

Downs Link:  Old Shoreham - Cement Works

23 June 2021

Red Valerian, Viper's Bugloss, Yellow-horned Poppy
Shoreham Beach West
Sea Heath

14 June 2021

Ox-eye Daisies
Old Shoreham

11 June 2021

Greater Stitchwort,  Lesser Stitchwort
8 June 2021

Rough Clover
Southwick Beach

Adur Geraniums

1 June 2021

? Beaked Hawksbeard ?
Crepis vesicaria
Old Fort, Shoreham Beach

31 May 2021

Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil, Germander Speedwell
Mill Hill

On the southern top of Mill Hill, the first Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil was seen in flower.

Common Bird's-foot Trefoil Lotus corniculatus is shorter and grows in dry grassland. Its stems are solid whereas the stems of Lotus pedunculatus are hollow.

28 May 2021

Greater Stitchwort, Garlic Mustard

27 May 2021

Round-leaved Cranesbill
Geranium rotundifolium
Mill Hill

19 May 2021
Swathes of Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, covered the lower slopes of Mill Hill on a cloudy afternoon inimical for watching butterflies.
Hawthorn was beginning to flower on the downs. Patches of Crosswort, Cowslips and Germander Speedwell decorated the area south of the Reservoir on Mill Hill.

Rough Hawkbit. Cowslips, Crosswort
Bulbous Buttercup, Mouse-eared Hawkweed
Mill Hill

18 May 2021

Common Vetch, White Campion, Cow Parsley
Mouse-eared Hawkweed

Germander Speedwell

Hawthorn was beginning to flower in the hedgerows. Swathes of Crosswort and Germander Speedwell decorated the Downs Link path verges in distinctive patches.
Downs Link:  Old Shoreham - Cement Works

17 May 2021

Dove's Foot Cranesbill, Common Vetch, Black Medick
Outskirts of Shoreham
Oxford Ragwort, Sea Campion
Shoreham Beach

Early May 2021

Cowslips, Garlic Mustard
White Deadnettle, Cow Parsley, Herb Robert

14 May 2021


Slender Thistle

12 May 2021

Hawthorn, Wayfaring Tree
Cowslips, Dog Violets
Mill Hill

Stanmer Park

10 May  2021

Garlic Mustard
Coombes Road near Cuckoo's Corner

White Deadnettle
Towpath to Cuckoo's Corner

7 May 2021

Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa
Mill Hill

31 March 2021


Downs Link:  Old Shoreham - Cement Works

Clumps of Cowslips were frequently seen on the verges of the Downs Link from Old Shoreham to the Cement Works.

29 March 2021

Red Deadnettle

Adur Recreation Ground

22 March 2021

Downs Link:  Old Shoreham - Cement Works
Cowslips, Coltsfoot, Sweet Violets
Lesser Celandine

Lesser Celandine

15 March 2021
2 March 2021
1 March 2021

                                Marsh Marigold


19 February 2021


11 February 2021

Wall Rue (an evergreen fern) on a Steyning twitten wall.

Asplenium ruta-muraria

Adur Epiliths

Maidenhair Spleenwort on a Steyning twitten wall.

Asplenium trichomanes

25 January 2021



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