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Vernal/Summer 1998 Glaucus

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Glaucus Front Cover (Summer)
  • Vernal/Summer 1998 Glaucus
  • 2 colour heavy duty gloss cover. 48 A4 magazine-size pages. 33,000 + words. 2 large monochrome photographs, 6 scanned smaller prints. 52 line drawings/maps.

Information Page  .  2
 Contents .  3
 News from around Britain
  Maigre Drumfish .  4
  Seahorses .  5
  Shetland Isles Cetacean Strandings .  5
  Giant Goby .  5
 Grey Seals . Jane Lilley   6
 Book Review:  Seahorses . Andy Horton   9
 Two Species of Lugworm Chris Everson . 10
 Diving around Oban . Simon Talbot   12
 Rockpooling in Cornwall Jon Makeham. 14
 Cover Page Photographs 17
 Wet Thumb: Aquarium Coolers 17
 British Marine Life Observations
  True Corals . Peter Glanvill . 18
  Baby Lumpsuckers Jim Hall . 19
 Prawns & Shrimps  Part I . Peter Talbot-Elsden & Andy Horton . 20
 Cuttlefish Culture Bob Alexander . 22
 Marine Life Information Network 26
 Porcupine Meeting (April 1998) Andy Horton. 27
 Bluntnose Six-gilled Shark . Len Nevell28
 Illustration Credits 29
 Diving around Lundy Jane Lilley . 30
 Basking Shark:  News Report Colin Speedie30
 Public Aquaria News . Andy Horton . 34
 Tope & Skate Tagging  Part 2 William Little36
 Tope:  Biological Notes Len Nevell. 38
 Shorewatch Project Andy Horton 39
 World Oceans Day Exhibition 39
 Crustacean Page Andy Horton & Jane Lilley40
 Rockpooling in Cornwall Jon Makeham 42
 CD-ROM & Book Reviews . Andy Horton44
 Sweet Thursday:  Members Page . 46
 Internet Resources: The World Wide Web 47
 BMLSS (England) Web Site Homepage . 48

Vernal/Summer 1997 Glaucus

  • Vernal/Summer 1997 Glaucus
  • 2 colour heavy duty gloss cover. 52 A4 magazine-size pages. 34,000 + words. 1 monochrome photograph. 55 line drawings/maps.

Information Page
Computer and Internet Resources
News:  Wildlife Reports
            Lyme Regis Marine Wildlife Area
            Sussex Dolphins
            Electric Ray/ Slipper Lobster
            Black Bream Nesting Sites
            Strandline Finds
                       SW Scotland
                       Sussex Coast
                       South Wales
                       Dorset Coast
                       Looe, Cornwall
Mass Mortality of the Heart Urchin
Sea Lamprey
Exhibition Reports:
                               Low Tide
                               World Oceans Day 
Public Aquaria:  
                           Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium
                           The New Macduff Marine Aquarium, Banffshire
                           Birmingham Sea Life Centre
                           The New London Aquarium on the South Bank
Rare and Uncommon Fishes from Sussex
Did Sturgeon Ever Breed in British Waters?
Recognising Pipefish
Common Skate Tagging in the Isle of Mull
Book and CD-ROM Reviews

Autumn/Winter 1996 Contents

Information page
Cover Picture text
News:  Wildlife Reports

News:  Sea Empress Update: Oiled Birds
Mermaid's Purses
Wet Thumb:  Educational Aquarium
British Inshore Marine Fish
Diving:  The Outer Mulberry
Black Sea Bream
Lesser Octopus  Part 1
Lesser Octopus  Part 2
Bib (Pouting)
Book Reviews
CD-ROM Reviews
Book and Video Reviews
News: Publications
News: Information
News: Wildlife Reports: Moray Eel
Rockpooling, Nothe Fort, Weymouth
Wet Thumb:  Plumose Anemone
Seven-armed Starfish  Part 2
Public Aquaria and Exhibition News
Diving:  Limestone Caves in Ireland
Book Reviews
Information for  Seafarers in Small Boats
Marine Biological Collector
Shark and Ray Conference 1996  (see BMLSS Scotland)
List of Projects and Services


          VERNAL/SUMMER 1996                                    44 pages

          Information Page   2
          Contents   3
          Spring Review:  Sea Empress Diary .  4
                          Extent of the Oil Spill .  5
          A Rock in Milford Haven . Jane Lilley .  6
          Bigeye Thresher Shark . Teresa Thorpe . 10
          Feather Stars . Jane Lilley . 13
          Lobster's Meal Time . Len Nevell 16
          A Vendee Holiday Steve Barker 18
     British Oil Disasters . Andy Horton . 20
          Oil on the Beach Nathan Price-Lloyd 21
          Flattened Fish Barbara Sobey . 22
          Public Aquaria News:  Mevagissey 23
          Sea Empress: Clean-up Operations Kate Lock . 24
          Cushion Stars . Ron Barrett . 26
          West Angle Beach Robin Crump . 27
          Summer Review . 28
          Shorewatch Project 29
          Assault on Gelliswick Bay . Jim Hall 30
          Lyme Regis: East Beach & Broad Ledge Robert Jones 31
          Oil Pollution on Rocky Shores . Andy Horton . 32
          Summer Holiday Fun Steve Savage 34
          Public Aquaria News: Mallaig Aquarium . Alan Pemberton 36
          Book and CD-ROM Reviews . 37
          Lost Treasure: Sea Empress Disaster . Tim Deere-Jones . 38
          MariNews 40
          Seasearch . 41
          Sea Empress: Oiled Bird Report 42
          Coastal Code 43
          Flow Chart 44

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