In the final years of the 21st Century, space freighters traverse the Solar System and giant satellite stations orbit the planets. The search for new sources of vital commodities has resulted in a flourishing inter planetary trade economy. As a SOLAR TRADER you have the opportunity to travel to the farthest reaches of the Solar System, seeking your fortune by trading essential commodities between Earth's far flung colonies.

Human technology has conquered space, but for Earth the outlook remains bleak. Resources are stretched to their ultimate limit, energy reserves are dwindling, and pollution is choking this once-green planet.
Now, a glimmer of hope has appeared. Deep-space observatories have decoded a faint distress call from far beyond Pluto, a signal sent by an advanced race of galactic wanderers. Their mothership, the vast artificial planetoid ZASTRA has been crippled in a violent meteor storm. Its energy panels, formed from a transmutation of gold, silver and diamonds, are shattered. Without energy to power Zastra's stardrive, the wanderers are helpless. They cannot escape the gravitational pull of the Black Hole. Gradually, Zastra is being drawn in.

If you can trade wisely and complete the hazardous journey to reach their mothership with a cargo of precious commodities, the Zastrans are willing to trade a SOLAR ENERGY CRYSTAL for one unit each of gold, silver and diamonds. Transported to Earth and aligned with the Sun, each Solar Energy Crystal can supply the energy needs of an entire continent.

Will you be the first to complete a successful mission beyond the Black Hole, and return with the key to advancing Earth's technology?

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