Rockpooling under Worthing Pier  2004

by Andy Horton

Rockpooling under Worthing Pier

2 June 2004
There were a handful of grey coloured Daisy Anemones, Cereus pedunculatus, buried in the sand on a hidden rock and on the underside of boulders.

18 May 2004
One specimen of the Grey Sea Slug, Aeolidia papillosa, is seen under Worthing Pier laying its white spawn coil under a small flint rock. This sea slug dies after spawning. Its diet consists entirely of sea anemones. The numbers vary from year to year, sometimes absent altogether and other years they can be found in dozens, often in their final death throes. The 1.1 metre low tide just exposed the the end of the pier, but apart from a few young Blennies, Lipophrys pholis, and Snakelocks Anemones, Anemonia viridis,  the shore fauna was not very interesting.

Grey Sea Slug
Snakelocks Anemone
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