Rockpooling under Worthing Pier  2005 - 2006

by Andy Horton

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Seahorse (Photograph by Mark Hyadon)23 September 2006

My basset dog found a Short-snouted Seahorse, Hippocampus hippocampus, just east of Splash Point on Worthing beach. Although it was dead, it looked like it hadn't been dead for very long. The Seahorse was amongst the debris on the strandline at high tide. 

Report & Photograph by  Mark Hyadon

BMLSS Seahorses

Rockpooling under Worthing Pier

22 May 2005
The fauna was too poor to be worth mentioning: the egg spirals of the Grey Sea Slug, Star Ascidian and the usual residents.
The egg spirals of the Grey Sea Slug
Blenny in a hole in a rock

Worthing Pier  Rockpooling  2004

Intertidal Crabs (Sussex)
BMLSS Sea Anemones

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