Andy Horton

GENERAL LIBRARY  (under construction)

Some recommended books for general reading and specialist subjects written in style:

"Please Understand Me II" by David Keirsey (Psychology)
"Inner World of Choice"  by Frances Wickes  (Psychology)
"Silent Spring"  by  Rachel Carson  (Environmental)
"Sweet Thursday"  by John Steinbeck  (Fiction: Novel)
"Island"  by Aldous Huxley  (Fiction:  Novel)
"Xiccarph"  by   Clark Ashton-Smith  (Fiction:  Short Stories)
"Steppenwolf"  by Hermann Hesse (Fiction)
"Marine Aquarium Keeping"  by Stephen Spotte (Aquariology)
"The Spy who Loved Me" by Ian Fleming  (Fiction: Novel)
"Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger (Creative Nonfiction)
"Origins of the British" by Stephen Oppenheimer (Fact: Genetics)
"The Seashore" by C M Yonge (Fact: Natural History)
"Handbook of the Marine Fauna of NW Europe"  Hayward & Ryland (Fact: Marine Biology)