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August 2018

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31 August 2018

Adonis Blue Butterflies

Another visit was made to Mill Hill, this time to the lower slopes in the early afternoon, where 40+ Adonis Blues were the leading butterfly of eight species, including three mating pairs. A Clouded Yellow flew past. 
Mill Hill Report

30 August 2018

In the intermittent sunshine, I made an extended visit to the upper plateau of Mill Hill in search of the autumn flowers: Round-headed Rampion, Hoary Plantain, occasional small spikes of Autumn Lady's Tresses and the first Autumn Gentian. I was surprised at the number of butterflies with 50+ Small Heaths, and 40+ very noticeable Adonis Blues including 16 females
Mill Hill Report

12 August 2018

Larva of the Privet Hawk-moth,  Sphinx ligustri
Connaught Avenue, Shoreham
Photograph by Mikey Unsted

Adur Hawk-moths
Adur Moths
6 August 2018

Carline Thistle, Adonis Blue
Common Blues

An early afternoon truncated visit to the lower slopes off Mill Hill was just too uncomfortable with the excessive warmth and drenching humidity.  In a one third of an acre transect, I counted 133+ lively male Adonis Blues, an estimated 30+ Chalkhill Blues including five brown females, 25+ Common Blues, 60+ Meadow Browns 15+ Gatekeepers 15+ Small Heaths, occasional Small Whites, four restless Clouded Yellows, two Wall Browns, a few Speckled Woods (over the southern steps) and a Treble-bar Moth.  At one stage thirty Adonis Blues surrounded me. On the southern top part of Mill Hill, there were occasionally more Chalkhill Blues, Meadow Browns and a pyralid micro-moth: a Pyrausta despicata.
Adur Butterfly List 201

1 August 2018

Chalkhill Blue, Adonis Blue

I cycled up to Mill Hill about midday for the annual count of Chalkhill Blues on the fixed one acre transect on the lower slopes.The 30 minute count recorded 51 male Chalkhill Blues. This was a very low day count but not the worst recorded which was 30 in 2016. They were even outnumbered on the parched downs by male Adonis Blues which were counted at 58. 
Mill Hill Report

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