At the moment I´m working in a research project about the toxic biological
activity of Aurelia aurita (LINNÉ, 1746)  The purpose of this study is to
evaluate the biotoxicity of crude and fractionated extracts of A. aurita
from the Caribbean waters. and we have discovered Stinging Haemolytic and
Neurotoxic activity.

Perhaps you need some references about this:

Burnett, JW., GJ. Calton & JB. Larsen.  1988. Significant envenomation by
Aurelia aurita, the moon jellyfish. Toxicon 26:215-17.

Kihura, H., M. Anraku, M. Ohno & S. Hashimura.  1988.
Tetrodotoxin-unaffected depolarization of frog muscles induced by the venom
of jellyfish (Genus Aurelia). Jap. J. Physiol. 38:839-49.

Pong-Prayoon, U., L. Bohlin & S. Wasowat.  1991.  Neutralization of toxic
effects of different crude jellyfish venoms by an extract of Ipomoea
pes-caprue (L.)  R.Br. J. Ethnopharmac. 25:65-9.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate in contact me.


Griselda Ávila Soria.

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