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   Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:55:49 +1000
   From: "Simon Mustoe" <>
Subject: Porpoises and Sperm Whale in northern Europe

I just received a couple of links to pictures of a Sperm Whale in the North Sea - thanks Wouter Jan Strietman.

The sperm whale swam into the 'Westerschelde' (a large estuary that finally ends up in Antwerp) a few weeks back.
(a 'Potvis'(translated 'Bottle-Fish') is a Sperm Whale)

Wouter Jan Strietman has also sent me links to a couple of websites that may be of interest. They concern rehabilitation as follows:

The rehabilitation at Waterland Neeltje Jans ( is actually the last stage for stranded
porpoises & dolphins before they are released back into the wild. When one is saved they are taken to the Dolphin Centre in Harderwijk ( to regain their health. Waterland Neeltje Jans and the Dolphin Centre work together and Neeltje Jans has operated a rescue and research station for dolphins since 1995. Once they are fit again the dolphins are returned to Neeltje Jans from Harderwijk. Research is carried out at Neeltje Jans, e.g. to seek measures to prevent dolphins from being caught in fishing nets. Finally, if they are fit again, they are released into the North Sea.

Currently there are two harbour porpoises in the pen (the ones which I photographed - see, but they will never be released because at the time they were too young and inexperienced. Within the next few weeks a few other porpoises
will be transported from Harderwijk to Waterland, and finally they will be released.

Apart from porpoises, White Beaked dolphins and even a Striped Dolphin were treated at Waterland.

To my knowledge the Fjord & Baelt Centre in Denmark ( is the only other harbour porpoise rehabilitation in Europe (or even in the world)


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