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February 2018

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27 February 2018

Buckingham Park.
Corbyn Crescent (at midnight), Mill Hill

Fur-lined (and little used) Wellingtons passed the test and both heavy duty gloves were needed, but I felt the wind chill through my anorak in the afternoon when it was only just below freezing.There was a flurry of settled snow just after midnight and it remained below freezing throughout the second successive day. The depth of snow was too small to measure but it was over 20 mm in places. It remained throughout the day on the residential little used side pavements in Shoreham, but the second flurry of snow around midday did not settle in Shoreham town centre. The daylight ended with a small layer of snow on the downs. 
Shoreham Weather 2018

20 February 2018

In the morning there was a large lump of frog spawn in my garden in Eastern Avenue, Shoreham.

15 February 2018
Squelchy mud and standing water off the Down’s Link Cyclepath stuck to the hard surfaces on a circular unplanned cycle ride from Ropetackle to Botolphs and back along the Coombes Road in the late afternoon. 

Standing Water next to the River Adur at Botolphs

Hazel catkins showed on a single tree next to the Silver Birch trees north of the Erringham Gap on the cyclepath. Otherwise there was not much colour or movement. Snowdrops showed in abundance in Botolphs churchyard and in the semi-wild near Coombes where I spotted a solitary Lesser Celandine in flower. At Botolphs I was fortunate to spot a male Kestrel in level flight at eye level for a second.

1 February 2018
Wrapped up with gloves and a woolly hat, I cycled the circular route to Lancing and back, via Shoreham Beach where the large lorries had churned up the shingle above the high tide mark of Shoreham Beach Nature Reserve, probably obliterating two scarce plants for Sussex, namely the Sea Rocket and Ray's Knotgrass

Red-breasted Merganser 

On Widewater a householder spooked a female Red-breasted Merganser into rapid flight from the shallow eastern end of the lagoon. Three minutes later a Kestrel flew rapidly over with a large item of prey in its talons. 
Four Mute Swans occupied the island at the eastern end with a Little Egret foraging around the margins. A further two Swans were on the water by the bridge.

Fencing around Brooklands Lake made it a rather unattractive place to visit, although the diggers for the remedial work were not active. Freshwater from the Teville Stream ran rapidly over the small weir and into the lake. The rippled water hosted a Moorhen and a Coot.

My first Snowdrop of the year was seen in  a Lancing garden. A flock of seventy or so Lapwings wheeled in unison over the Tollbridge at Old Shoreham before settling on the Adur estuary mud at low tide.

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