Fleetwood Maritime Museum.  In their collections they have a 5 ft 8 inch long Tarpon.
Tarpon:  any of certain marine fish of the family Megalopidae (order Elopiformes), related to the bonefish and the ladyfish and identified by the elongated last dorsal fin ray and the bony throat plate between the sides of the protruding lower jaw. The scales are large, thick, and silvery.

The Atlantic tarpon (Tarpon atlanticus, alternate name Megalops atlanticus) is found inshore in warm parts of the Atlantic,
on the Pacific side of Central America, and sometimes in rivers. Also called silver king, grand écaille, and sabalo real, it
habitually breaks water and gulps air. It regularly grows to 1.8 m (6 feet) and 45.4 kg (100 pounds) or larger and is a favourite
game fish. The largest recorded catches weigh more than 136 kg. The Pacific tarpon, M. cyprinoides, is similar.
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