Electronic Index for Glaucus.

by Jane Lilley

All subjects and individual species of marine life, even if only mentioned in the text, have been entered into the Electronic Index file. This massive task involved the compilation of over 2500 entries from 1990 to 1995 (the 1996 update is in preparation) and is available to paid up members on computer disc for a small charge of £1.00 (postage stamps accepted). The file is also available through EMail. Please send a request to the address below.

The Electronic Index is available in ASCII format for loading into your word processor where you can use the Search facility on the program to find the subject. It is also available already loaded into Script Professional, Locoscript, Word for Windows and will later be available in Lotus Ami-Pro and other word processors. The EMail file is in ASCII with the suffix *.TXT.

NEW: The Electronic Index 1990-1995 can now be viewed on the following site:

Electronic Index for Glaucus and Shorewatch 


The main entry will be given under the vernacular or common name if one is in regular use. If no common name is in use, the main entry will be the scientific or Latin name. Recently superseded scientific names are included. References, or cross-references are given for species and some higher taxa, localities, types of activity (diving, rockpooling, strandlining etc.), and various subjects (seasons, tides etc.). Asterisks *** give an indication of how important the entry is.

The trinominal reference system may seem complicated, but it was the best system I could think of when we envisaged the need for an index after the very first issue of Glaucus was completed. References are given in the order: volume number, issue number, page number, (e.g. 06.03.35, which is the reference for the Index instructions). Two or more page numbers are separated by commas, which indicates two references in the same issue.

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