Cogs were the first vessels at the end of the first Millennium AD. They were later superseded by the similar Hulcs (pic.).

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An important characteristic of these vessels are the palisades (my term) at the bow and stern that were important for protection against attacks by Viking long-boats, to which they were virtually invulnerable. The defenders could defend from a greater height.

Hulkesmouth (History of Shoreham)

by Andy Horton

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Hulc is the  Old English word, from which hulk is derived.  It means a towed ship (i.e. without
sails or oars).  A cog, on the other hand, was a small single masted trading vessel.  It was usually
rigged with a single square sail - Viking long ship style.  It was, in fact a derivation of the long
ship, though usually much broader in the beam and with a raised forecastle and quarterdeck.  True to
its origins it was most popular in Scandinavia and in the Hanseatic States.


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