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If you find one or more dead swans, ducks or geese, more than three dead birds of the same species - or more than five dead birds of different species, in the same place, you should contact the Defra helpline on 08459 33 55 77. 

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January 2008


Reports by Andy Horton from personal observation unless otherwise indicated
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2008 Regional
Adur Levels
Chalk Downs
Coastal Fringe
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Adur Estuary
Lancing Nature



26-27 January 2008
RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch


31 January 2008
In the early afternoon the winds were recorded at Shoreham at a steady 40 mph (Gale Force 8) gusting to 55 mph and 60 mph (Storm Force 10). No damage was seen in Shoreham town.
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28 January 2008
The cattle were now seen from the Adur Levels on the richer floristic middle zone of Mill Hill, where they will do more damage.

22 January 2008
The cattle were still on Mill Hill dumping their excrement all over the long grass south of the Reservoir, but also on the recovering herb-rich plateau north of the Reservoir. Cattle cause great damage by disturbance of the soil and nutrification with their urine and faeces. A dog was seen in panic in the presence of the cattle

21 January 2008

Timber from Greek-registered Ice Prince, which sank about 26 miles (42 km) off Dorset after a storm on 15 January 2008, began getting washed up on Lancing beach in the evening of 19 January 2008 and  tonnes of pine planks littered the local beaches from 20 January 2008. The usual debris was on the strandline including a Ray's, Raja sp., eggcase illustrated above. It measured 67 mm long so this was probably the eggcase of an Undulate Ray, Raja undulata.
BMLSS Marine Wildlife News (Winter 2008)
BMLSS Eggcases
Adur Coastal 2008

20 January 2008
Tree Planting event with Friends of Lancing Ring
Slide Show of Pictures (by Ray Hamblett)
Lancing Ring Blogspot

16 January 2008
A large dead Lobster. Homaris gammurus, and five small Dogfish,Scyliorhinus canicula, were washed up on Southwick Beach after the recent storms. 

Report by Peter Talbot-Elsden

At least a hundred Herring Gulls (with over 90% adult gulls) paddled for worms after the recent rain, on the greens adjoining Middle Road, Shoreham and Shoreham Grammar School playing fields. 

My first spider and my first moving arthropod of 2008 was a small black web-spinner in the rear smoking part of the Ship Inn, Southwick, and this was possibly Zygiellax-notata

13 January 2008
A Little Grebe dived in a choppy River Adur near the Railway Viaduct on a high spring tide swollen by the recent rain.

11 January 2008

The usual debris was washed up on the strandline of Shoreham beach with Whelk egg cases, cuttlebones, Slipper Limpets, Dogfish egg cases and wrecked fishing pots with keelworms and tiny juvenile scallop shells. Some of the Acorn Barnacles were still alive and these would be my first wild arthropods/crustaceans recorded in 2008

7 January 2008
A Red-breasted Merganser dived in the shallow channel of water in the River Adur at low tide on the estuarine side of the overflow pond (west of Adur Recreation Ground) by the houseboats. 

6 January 2008
Bumblebees were active on the Gorse bushes of Lancing Ring, probably male Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, showing the whitish tails and two yellow bars. I counted four individuals there was almost certainly more. 

5 January 2008
There was a few Teals, perhaps as many as five birds, in the River Adur at low tide on the estuarine side of the overflow pond (west of Adur Recreation Ground) by the houseboats. 

4 January 2008
Unfortunately the cattle are still trashing the top of Mill Hill in an asinine plan by the South Downs Conservation Board on an important Nature Reserve. The flat area being grazed (seen from the Adur Levels) is an area that contains a recovering low fertility wildlife meadow flora including Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, and many other important caterpillar food plants and nectar plants. The cattle indiscriminately eat the flora, but more importantly the destruction occurs because of the ground disturbance they cause and their patterns of urination and cow pats which are making the paths impassable on shallow chalk soil in wet muddy conditions. Chalkhill herbs require low fertility undisturbed land and are wiped out (most of them permanently) if the conditions change. 
Adur Butterfly List 2008
List of Butterfly Articles

1 January 2008
The first bird of 2008 seen was an adult Herring Gull flying over Corbyn Crescent just outside my front garden. The first wild mammal was a Rabbit on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. The first wild flower was a Greater Periwinkle by the road to Mill Hill, but the habitat was more like a wild front garden. The first mushroom was a Blewits, Lepista sordida, recorded from the ridge of Mill Hill. 
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