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Lancing Ring and Meadows: 

The wooded clump area covers about 8.4 acres, the large meadow about 19 acres and McIntyres Field a further 9.8 acres. Other large areas including the large steep western bank, the Chalk Pit, Barton's Wood, with various small spinneys and grass outcrops, and the west facing slopes. 

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Lancing Ring Nature (by Ray Hamblett)



For up to date more comprehensive wildlife reports and photographs consult the Friends of Lancing Ring web pages


29 March 2019
A Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly was seen on Lancing Ring Nature Reserve.


3 April 2018

Adder on the Chalk Pit,  Lancing Clump LNR
Photograph by Sarah Reeve

Despite the overcast rather cool weather (10.5 °C) we spotted three Adders basking in the Chalk Pit area of Lancing Clump Local Nature Reserve. Two of the snakes slithered off quite quickly but the third posed for a photograph sensing its surroundings with its forked tongue

Adur Lizards & Snakes


11 September 2016
IIn the area of Lancing Ring I saw an amazing 77 Red Admiral, mostly nectaring on Ivy. 57 of them were in the chalk pit. 13 species altogether including a female Brown Hairstreak, 2 Small Copper, 7 Comma, 2 Painted Lady and 2 Humming-bird Hawk-moths. Fantastic warm sunny day. Deep joy! 

Blue Text Report by Lindsay Morris on Sussex Butterfly Sightings

26 August 2016
Lancing Ring. I was extremely thrilled to be in the lovely sunshine looking at a female Brown Hairstreak climbing down a Blackthorn whip and later posing higher in the hedge. A first for me at this sight, hence the excitement!  Also-rans included a Clouded Yellow, 3 Wall and 10 Holly Blue. 

Blue Text Report by Lindsay Morris on Sussex Butterfly Sightings

10 August 2016

 Hemp Agrimony, Purple Loosestrife, Yarrow, Speckled Wood
Yellow Flag Iris seed pods, Lucerne, Mugwort

A steep trek up to Lancing Ring meadows was disappointing with Melilot and Dogwood dominating the overgrown meadows and the Hemp Agrimony not even hosting any vanessid butterflies. A Red Admiral was spotted In Lancing on the way up the hill. The first of three Wall Brown Butterflies landed on the path in front of me, followed by occasional very dark Speckled Woods in the shade, frequent Meadow Browns, one Large White Butterfly, one Small White Butterfly, surprisingly few Gatekeepers and that was the lot. I did walk amongst the long grass and managed to disturb a Silver Y Moth in McIntyres Field but nothing apart from a few Meadow Grasshopper nymphs in the main meadows. There were a variety of bumblebees and Honey Bees on the Hemp Agrimony. The dewpond was dry but apart from a patch of wet mud. The stands of Purple Loosestrife were still impressive though. 
Adur Butterfly List 2016
Adur Grasshoppers

Dewpond Montage

30 June 2016

An unplanned trip to Lancing Ring on an overcast and breezy day was a bit of a struggle up on very muddy paths after the recent rain, some of which collected in the dewpond. By the dewpond I spotted a Meadow Brown followed by a Ringlet Butterfly, and later a Red Admiral over the eastern car park. 

Finally some butterflies and moths are appearing on Lancing Ring. Photographs showed Marbled Whites, Meadow Brown, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, (Narrow-bordered?) 5-spotted Burnet Moth.

11 May 2016

Hundreds of Early Purple Orchids were in flower under the canopy of Lancing Clump where the sun would have shined through if it wasn't a misty day. Dog Violets and Bluebells were also flowering in the shade of the main clump. 
Adur Orchids


27 May 2015
An impromptu visit to Lancing Ring up the bridlepath from the Sussex Pad was not expecting much of interest. Large Whites and Small Whites were seen in Shoreham, and a Speckled Wood in the shade at the bottom of the bridlepath. On McIntyres Field I disturbed a couple of the Carpet Moths but no butterflies were flying on a sunny afternoon. I did not see any butterflies as I cycled around the southern ridge of the chalk pit. It was not until I reached a car park that I disturbed two Wall Browns. The meadows on Lancing Ring Nature Reserve were not very productive either with just one male Common Blue seen. A Brimstone and a further two Wall Browns were seen on the path by the Ring and another Wall Brown was photographed by the dewpond. Hawthorn was extensively seen in flower. Yellow Rattle was beginning to flower in the meadow. 


Friends of Lancing Ring  facebook
by Ray Hamblett (in the Lancing Herald)

27 July 2014

Butterflies on Lancing Clump
Photographs by Gary Levett on facebook

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