Leucoagaricus leucothites

Images for ID (JJW)

This species is almost certainly the White Dapperling, Leucoagaricus leucothites. I do not think that the common name is actually used for this frequently encountered species.

Suggested ID by Jean J Wuilebaut on Fungi of the British Isles (Yahoo Group)

It turns a pinkish-buff with age, so the brownish species looks like the same one.

11 October 2004
A white mushroom was discovered amongst the Horseshoe Vetch on the lower slopes of Mill Hill. This is the one with a ring.

Thery are about the size of a commercial mushroom. e.g. variable, with an estimated diameter up to 55 mm. It did not smell of anything.  It had a texture similar to a commercial mushroom.
Click on the image for a high resolution study of the gills

24-27 September 2004
Mushroom in the short herbland

This is in original chalkhill herbland, mostly amongst Horseshoe Vetch. This is not pasture, nor meadow.

I have tentatively identified this one as a species of Lepiota. The trouble is there are 59 species of Lepiota in Britain, although not all of them are white. It could be Lepiota leucothites.

I do not know if the other white species is the same mushroom that has lost its ring and looks tatty as it gets older.

I am not quite sure if the following mushrooms are the same species of mushroom, where the stem ring has disappeared and they have turned brownish?  They were found nearby in a location near rabbit warrens and on grass.