1 January to 30 September 1998
(Draft Report) 

Only previously uncirculated records are given in detail, if you require further information on any record please contact Doug Herdson at tbe NMA (Tel: 01752 600301). If you have any records of rare or unusual fish, abnormalities or strange distributions we should be grateful to receive them, in order to build up a fish database. (We should be pleased to supply recording forms, if these would be helpful). There are still a few reports to be checked or added.

This list does repeat some or the records in our first report.

1. Shortfin Mako Shark Isurus oryrinchus 13 and 14.8 1998. Two (one about 14' and the other larger) caught in salmon nets about 3 miles SE of Whitby, North Yorkshire. (One of sharks had 3 Lampreys Pteromyzon marinus embedded in it.)

2. Electric Ray Torpedo nobiliania 6.7.1998. One (c.4O cm disc diameter) captured by a scallop dredger 1 mile E of Mew Stone Rock, Wembury, Devon.

3 Common Stingray Dasyatis pastinaca to 6 miles south of Burgh Island, Devon

4. Eagle Ray Mytiobatis aquila 3.3.1998.120 miles SSW of the Lizard (2 specimens)

5. Allis Shad  Alosa alosa 5.7.1998. One fairly large individual caught in salmon net! Hole's Hole, River Tamar, Devon.

6. Twaite Shad  Alosa fallax July 1998. One (c.300g) caught on rod and line at Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon,
19.9.1998. One (40cm) caught in trawl 7 miles south of Plymouth.

7. Haddock   Melanogrammus aeglefinnus 16.11.1997. One golden haddock landed at Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

8. Whiting  Merlangius merlangus 12.1.1998. One blind whiting caught on a line in the harbour, Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

9. Tadpole Fish   Raniceps raninus February 1998. One landed at Brixham Fish Quay, Devon
8.4.1998. One caught in 68 metres 2 to 3 miles south of Newlyn, Cornwall.
15+5.1998. One caught in 70 metres about 35 miles south of Plymouth, Devon.

10. Angler Fish Lophius piscatorius 20.8.1998. An albino angler caught 20 miles south of Plymouth, Devon.

11. Small-headed Clingfish  Apletodon dentatus 10.4.1998 onwards. Several specimens found at Wembury, Devon.

12. Flying Fish 24.8.1998 A probable sighting by reliable informant of one small  fish flying in mid channel, halfway between Salcombe and Guernsey.

13. Opah  Lampris guttatus 8.8.1998. One found in Coldingham Bay. Berwickshire, Scotland.

14. Seahorse Hippocampus sp. 1950's. One caught off Starcross, near Dawlish, Devon.
1947 summer. Three seen near the mouth of Looe River, Looe, Cornwall.
10.7 1998. A possible report of 'hundreds of baby seahorses" from the Dan Estuary, Devon.

15. Short-snouted Seahorse Hippocampus hippocampus 28+8.1998. One young male caught in tbe Plymouth area, Cornwall, Devon. This is the first definite record of this species from mainland Britain.

16. Small-scaled Scorpionfish Scorpaena porcus 25.9.1998. One large (36 cm) caught in set net on the Eddystone Reef, Devon. This appears to be the first record or this species for at least 60 years

17. Stone Bass (Wreckfish)Polyprion americanus 12.8.1998. One (TL 66.5 cm) caught in beam trawl 2 to 3 miles S of Start Point, Devon+

18. Pilot Fish  Naucrates ductor 14.9.1998+ Six caught in a pilchard net half a mile south of Mevagissey, Cornwall

19. Silver Pomfret  Pterycombus brama 26.5+1998 One caught in shallow water, St. Gerrans Bay, Cornwall.

20. Bogue  Boops boops March 1998.Onc landed at Brixham Fish Quay, Devon
21.4.1998.One caught Brixham side of Start. Point, Devon.

21. Couch's Seabream Sparus pagrus 5.10.1997. One (1+5 kg) off Newquay, Cornwall.
26+10.1997+ Three (600 g, 1.86kg and 2.17kg) on rod and line of Newquay, Cornwall
19.3+1998. One caught in a trawl 20 miles south of the Eddystone Light, Devon.
19+9.1998. Three (1 to 1.5kg) on rod and line 2 miles NW of Newquay, Cornwall

22.  Black Sea Bream Spondyliosoma cantharus 25.2.1998 One caught in the Firth of Clyde
19+7.1998.One caught by angler, near Wacker Quay, Lynher Estuary, Caradon, Cornwall

23. Meagre Argyrosomus regius 8.2+1998. One landed at Mevagissey, Cornwall.
Early June 1998. Caught in trammel net by an inshore boat from Brixham, Devon (from Fishing News 12.6.1998)

24. Red Band Fish Cepola rubescens 31+3.1998. One seen swimming in the dock at night in Sutton Harbonr, Plymouth, Devon

25. Louvar  Luvarus imperialis 13.8+1998. One landed at Newlyn. It had been caught in a tuna drift net approx. 500N 160W. (within UK fishing limits+)

26. Common Sole  Solea solea 27.2.1998. One, all white, caught off Amble, Northumberland.

27. Grey Triggerfish  Balistes capriscus 26.12.1997. One found dead on a beach in North Wales
July 1998. One (about 1 kg) caught on rod and line at Cracklington Haven, North Cornwall.
4.8. 1998,One caught in crab pots south of Plymouth.
21.9.1998. One landed Plymouth Fish Quay.

28. Ocean Sunfish Mola mola 7.7.1919. One Indian Sunfish of l6 cwt and a height of 8 ft + was caught in a net shot from a rowboat in the River Tamar and landed at Saltash, Cornwall.
6+7.1998+ One small Sunfish (4¼ kg) landed at Plymouth Fish Quay from a local bottom trawler.
31.7.1998 One (34+5kg) caught 20 miles south of Plymouth.
11+8+1998 One small (about 2'), seen I mile south of Start Point, Devon.
22+8+1998 One small (about 2'), seen by wreck of the 'James Egan Layne' 

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