Greater Pipefish,   S.acus (notes)

>Baby Greater Pipefish are described in various books as returning to the
>male's pouch if they feel threatened in the first few days after first
>emerging. This sounded plausible until I  thought about how tiny they are
>and how inefficiently even the adults swim, and began to wonder whether
>could actually make it back to dad if they were more than a couple of
>away. But I have no direct experience of baby pipefish, so that is just
>Has anyone who has bred Greater Pipefish seen the young returning to the
>pouch after they first emerge? Or has anyone seen the behaviour of newly
>emerged babies often enough to be fairly sure that they don't do this?
>Jane Lilley
> Hi Jane.....    I wrote an article published  called ' When Mum was a Dad'
in Glaucus, spring of '95 about this very subject...It all occured in 1993
actually.     I caught two already pregnant males and they hatched out their
young during the end of May that year... I had to re-read the article to
remember the details, but I made no mention in the story of them re-entering
the pouch.    As far as my memory serves me I don't think they did !   I
seem to remember them swimming off quite confidently,  although they are
only as thin as a hair from ones head, although they do thicken quite
rapidly  over a few weeks.     They were not all born together ( as would be
expected ) but continued to appear from the pouch over a period of two
weeks... Of course I obviously had these fish in isolation in a 4 foot
aquarium,  feeding Newly hatched brine shrimp to the babies and adult mysids
to the parents......... Would the situation of the babies and the pouch have
been different if there had been danger in the tank, as there would be in
the wild.    Maybe.... I can't answer that one.... but I do remember them
all over the tank and not hanging round DAD as might have been expected.
Cheers  Jim
> ve been expected.
Cheers  Jim