Anne Bunker
A sturgeon was landed at Hobbs Point, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire on Friday. About a meter long. I have one photo of it so far. It looks like either Acipencer
sturio or A. oxyrinchus (help from Douglas Herdson acknowledged).
If you know of any more photographs of it please let me know.
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David Kipling Good grief! By landed you mean the boat that caught it pulled in to Hobbs point?
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Anne Bunker Caught at Hobbs Point with a small fishing rod and a sausage as bait!
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David Kipling Eek! Not something you expect to see on a typical 50cm viz Cleddau dive, I'll have to be prepared. Welsh caviar all round?
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Chris Barrett Aren't sturgeons supposed to be offered to the queen?
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Harvey Tyler-Walters A. sturio is listed under Sch 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act. does not that make it an offense to 'take' it. Never quite sure how that works in
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Chris Barrett I think you are quite right, Harvey. Also, "The sturgeon is rarely seen in UK waters and is classified as a royal fish, meaning the Queen had to be consulted
before it was sold on.

Buckingham Palace has said that Mr Davies can keep the fish and it is due to be sold on Thursday.
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Chris Barrett
BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Fisherman lands £8,000 catch
A sturgeon landed by a fisherman in Swansea Bay could fetch up to £8,000 when it is sold.
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Chris Barrett The quote above (Mr Davies) is from a past-catch, and not the one Anne spoke of.
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Anne Bunker to be followed in the event of an accidental catch:
1. Note the date of the catch, the size and weight of the fish and the location (GPS or zone);
2. If it has a marking, leave it there and note the number;
3. Release it with care;
4. Report your accidental catch and your details to one of the following contacts (send the declaration sheet or contact us directly by email or telephone)

Comité des Pêches - Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins (CNPMEM)
Site internet du Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins (CNPMEM)
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Anne Bunker Lots of interesting reading about Sturgeon in the link I've just posted.
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Douglas Herdson I find the law confusing, but it is definitely illegal to offer A. sturio for sale. I have twice assisted wildlife crime officers with the identification for possible
prosecutions. (Mr Davies was not prosecuted because there was doubt on the identification. It ended up at the Natural History Museum and where it was identified as A.
oxyrinchus.) Incidentally, any caught in Cornwall should not be offered to the Queen but to the Duke of Cornwall - would He then be prosecuted for holding a protected
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Matt Doggett Shame it wasn't put back...
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David Kipling Do we know what happened to this particular catch though?
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Matt Doggett Good point - I just got confused by the links above!
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