Adur Valley

Top Facts

 1)  The name "Adur" was attributed to the current river because of a mistaken location for the Roman "Portus Adurni" by the 17th century poet Michael Drayton in his book 'Polyolbion'.

 2)  The Adur District (Local Authority) includes the towns of Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick, and the large villages of Lancing and Sompting. The valley includes the important town of Steyning and the picturesque village of Bramber.

 2) Shoreham Airport is the oldest British airport still in existence, first used for commercial flights in 1911.

 3) Shoreham Harbour is the premier Sussex port (the largest port between Dover and Portsmouth). (The other comparable port is at Newhaven.)

 4) The Church of St. Mary in Sompting is one of the most striking examples of Anglo-Saxon architecture in all of England. Its primary distinguishing feature is the Rhenish Helm or Rhineland Helmet of the tower.

 5)  Shoreham Harbour Power station is the highest structure in Sussex with a chimney rising 106 metres above sea level.

 6)  The church of St. Mary de Haura in central new Shoreham was constructed by the Norman baron William de Braose from 1103. It was originally (13th century) twice the current length, 62 metres long, but the complete nave has fallen down.

 7)  The major castle of the River Adur is at Bramber and is now in ruins.

 8)  A Roman Villa was discovered in Southwick.

 9) Mill Hill is a classic chalkhill on the downs to the north of Shoreham and overlooking the Adur valley, with at least 32 species of butterflies including the bright blue Adonis Blue and large nationally important breeding populations of Chalkhill Blue Butterflies.

10) The River Adur reaches the sea at Shoreham and the beach is shingle with sand at low tide.

11) Shoreham Fort guards the entrance to Shoreham Harbour. It was built in 1857 to guard against a French attack.

12) The picturesque Steyning was an important town on the river in from Saxon to medieval times. It still retains its old world charm with traditional Sussex buildings.

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