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Link to an on-line page for younger students of the seashore. Spider Crab and youngsters at Adur World Oceans Day 2002 (Photograph by Duncan Morrison)
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Monthly electronic news bulletin for the marine life of the NE Atlantic Oceans including the seas around the British Isles.
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Reports of marine wildlife from all around the British Isles, with pollution incidents and conservation initiatives as they affect the flora and fauna of the NE Atlantic Ocean.

24-25 October 2003
A large number of Sea Hares, Aplysia punctata, are discovered at Pendennis Point, Falmouth, Cornwall. They were mating and in about six metres of water. 

Aplysia punctata (Photograph by Andy Horton)Thousands (literally) of Sea Hares were seen at Porthcothan, Cornwall, on the rocks around Arch Rock at a low spring tide. Their sizes varied from very small up to 50 mm long. This is unusual as shore migrations of adults usually occur in spring. 

Sea Slug Forum Messages
Shorewatch Biological Recording
BMLSS Molluscs

20 October 2003
A seal caused a bit of flutter when it was spotted a long way up the tidal River Thames, swimming eastwards towards the sea between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge in a busy part of the city of London. This is less than a mile from the House of Parliament, Westminster.

Report by Lloyd Goodman

Photograph by Ray Hamblett

View over the River Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea towards Coronation Green
the venue for the Shoreham Fish Festival and Adur World Oceans Day

11 October 2003
Shoreham Fish Festival (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)The SHOREHAM FISH FESTIVAL on Coronation Green, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, was attended by 4,000 people if the sunshine as the high six metre spring tide filled the river  just before 1:00 pm. The British Marine Life Study Society held an aquarium display and despite technical problems with a very high plankton content in the water (which meant the large wrasse could not be displayed) the exhibits were well received by the younger age group. 
Picture Gallery

Taste of the South-east (Photograph by Ray Hamblett)

29 September 2003
A large whale, initially identified as a Minke Whale, Balaenoptera acutorostrata, was reported floating 8 km west of Hoek van Holland. Subsequently, it was decided to tow the whale out of the way. However, after an analysis of several photographs by Kees Camphuysen, the whale was identified as a Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaengliae. This the first record of this species in The Netherlands! 
Three Images

Report by Jan Wouter on UK Cetnet


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Marine Wildlife News of the North-east Atlantic Ocean 2003 
(British Marine Life Study Society)

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Each month, at least one special marine image will be published from images sent to the BMLSS. This can be of the seashore, undersea world or any aspect of the marine natural world, especially the underwater life, but not restricted to life beneath the waves. Topical inclusions may be included instead of the most meritorious, and images will be limited to the NE Atlantic Ocean and adjoining seas, marine and seashore species and land and seascapes.



Squat Lobster at Les Écréhous Jersey
  Galathea sp.

Photograph by Nicolas Jouault

Crustacean Image Portfolio at Smart Groups

Photograph by Paul Parsons

A colourful portrait of the nudibranch Janolus christatus 
at the Outer Mulberry, near Selsey Bill, West Sussex
in the summer of 2003

Photograph by Paul Parsons

BMLSS Nudibranchs (link)


Shore Topography Series

The name of the particular coast should be included and the grid reference, if known. Print photographs can be included in Exhibitions and on the BMLSS Web Sites and electronic publications. Electronic images in *.JPG format can also be considered for the web site. They should not exceed 150K in size.

Shore Topography Portfolio

Link to more marine life photographs

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In June 1992,  over 150  Heads of States signed the Convention on Biological Diversity at Rio de Janeiro. They did so to express a shared belief that action must be taken to halt the worldwide loss of animal and plant species and genetic resources.

World Oceans Day was first declared as 8th June at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Events will occur all around the world on and around this day.



I know it is a bit early, but it would be really a great help if participants could indicate if they are likely to want to exhibit on Saturday 5 June 2004.

The new marquee with more room and a greater heightThe new larger marquee promises to be great improvement to the selection of smaller marquees in use for the last few years. A mains electrical supply is now installed to make for a more consistent and reliable power supply.

I want to be ahead of the game, so we can get the plan for the day sorted out, allocating tables and seats, knowing requirements for display boards (please specify), electrical requirements (up to 1 kw without special provision), nature of the display (to allocate position) etc. The event details have to be available for the Adur Festival programme before January 2004. The Adur Festival entries have to be in before 31 October 2003 (to book up venues and spaces which are in short supply).

The new large marquee is adjustable for the weather: if it is fine the panels can be open as drawing a curtain on the riverside, and falling-over resistant up to gale force winds if the exhibit is not actually touching the side panels. The next committee meeting is on Monday 17 November 2003.

Len Nevell was in charge of the Living Animals display including live Lobsters

The British Marine Life Study Society will present a live exhibit and an information display at Adur World Oceans Day 2004 

Contact details:

Photograph by Andy Horton at Adur World Oceans DayAndy Horton
World Oceans Day
British Marine Life Study Society
Glaucus House
14 Corbyn Crescent
West Sussex
BN43 6PQ

Tel: 01273 465433

Email: Glaucus@hotmail.com

"World Oceans Day" Smart Group
World Oceans Day UK Web Page


AWOD 2002 Slide Show



In chronological order, the most recent events are at the top of the page. Events open to the public, free or for a nominal charge only are included. Most Seminars need to be booked in advance.


BIOSIS  Conference Calendar for Zoology 
(Major Link of all biological conferences around the world)


Talks Series 2003

  Facilities are available for schools, linked to the national curriculum. 

All talks are on Tuesdays and start at 7:00 p.m.
at the National Marine Aquarium, Coxside, Plymouth Devon.
Admission – Adults £2.50; Children and NMA members £1.50, inclusive of refreshments will be available.

Please reserve your place by calling the Aquarium on 01752 275204


SAMS Seminar Series
The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)
Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Dunbeg, Oban, Argyll PA37 1QA
Tel: 01631 559000 Fax: 01631 559300 Email: mail@dml.ac.uk
For more details/how to find SAMS see our website: http://www.sams.ac.uk

Unless otherwise stated, seminars are held on Fridays at 4:15 pm
in the SAMS Conference Room ** Followed by the Friday R&R **

For more details on the forthcoming talks, please contact Murray Roberts  or Anuschka Miller  Tel: 01631 559 000

30 October 2003 
Scottish Marine Group autumn meeting at the University of Stirling. For information contact Dr Hamish Mair  or Anuschka Miller  Tel: 01631 559 000

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A series of monthly talks on marine conservation topics
These talks are open to the public, admission is free.

6 November 2003
Turtles – John Houghton

4 December 2003
Sea Mounts – Kerry Howell

The Marine Life Talks are held on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm, please arrive at 7.15 pm to be met in Reception. Southampton Oceanography Centre is reached via Dock Gate 4 (between Town Quay and Ocean Village). 



4­7 January  2004                                               Lancaster University, UK

The 52nd Annual Meeting of the BPS will take place on the campus of Lancaster University, just south of the beautiful English Lake District. We invite anyone with an interest in algae to attend and promise a full range of scientific and social programmes for you to enjoy.

Scientific Programme
This years Founders Lecture will be given by Rick Wetherbee, University of
Melbourne. The Special Topics are 'Cell Signalling in Algae' and 'Macroalgae
in Medicine' but submissions on any other aspects of phycology are welcome.

Students Take Note
Attendance at this conference is (almost) free if you are a member and present a paper. Cash prizes are available for the best poster (BPS Prize) and the best oral presentation (Manton Prize), so please indicate your interest in the competitions at the time of abstract submission.

Abstract submission deadline: 30 September 2003

Registration deadline: 1 December 2003

For more information about this conference, or general information regarding
the BPS, please contact Jackie Parry  or visit the website http://www.brphycsoc.org


21 August 2003

'Atlas of cetacean distribution in north-west European waters' 

The publication by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) of an atlas of their distribution in waters off north-western Europe.  It is based on the sightings made by hundreds of observers over the past 25 years.  The atlas is a first for these waters, and becomes the first globally to take full account of the variation between areas in the amount of searching that observers have carried out to gather the information.

Click on this text for the full information including ordering

Price £17.00 from the Natural History Book Service (www.nhbs.com),
or phone +44 (0)1803 865913. 

Hazardous substances in the European marine environment - Trends in metals and persistent organic pollutants
Topic report No 2/2003 

This report provides an assessment of trends in concentrations of six hazardous substances in mussels and fish in Europe's seas since 1985. The trends are linked to reduction measures, foodstuff limit values and trends in inputs to coastal and marine waters. The results are presented in a series of maps.

More Information

Download Page

BMLSS Man's Impact on the Marine Environment



Local shrimper Peter Talbot-Elsden, from Southwick (Sussex), has produced a small booklet called “Shrimping for Food and Fun” about catching the brown shrimp around the coasts of Britain. The shrimps are caught in nets and the book features the various methods, firstly the push-netting seen over the sand in shallow water in spring off the Sussex coast. The famous Morecambe Bay shrimps were originally captured by cart shanker shrimping with a horse and cart in deeper water off the Lancashire coast, later replaced by a tractor. At Formby, they experimented with amphibious vehicles after World War II. Nowadays, most commercial shrimping on the east coast around King’s Lynn trawls from small boats using a net off the stern. Shrimps are often cooked on board.

The 28 page book contains 40 photographs of shrimping through the ages. It is available through Bookworms of Shoreham and other booksellers and museums at £3.50. 
The booklet is also available through the British Marine Life Study Society, but at £4 including postage and packing. 

Peter Talbot-Elsden manned the shrimp display at Adur World Oceans Day.

(European centre for information on marine science and technology)



The North Atlantic Right Whale
Bunker Hill Publishing
in association with New England Aquarium
ISBN  1 59373 004 7

Expedition to Antarctica's Largest Iceberg
Gregory S. Stone
Published by New England Aquarium


published by
Sound Diving Publications
ISBN  0 9522831 4 X
Available from


Published by the Conchological Society

The British Marine Life Study Society are responsible for producing the journal GLAUCUS, which is the first publication exploring the marine life of the seas surrounding the British Isles available to the general public. 

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