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>On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Atchley, Clinton wrote:
>> My thanks to all for such quick responses.
>> > The later versions, far more accurate and powerful, used
>weights.  Those
>> are the ones illustrated in the video.
>> This brings up my other questions.  Just how accurate are we
>talking?  What
>> would be an average range and height?
>People have argued this.  It depends on the size of the
>lever beam and the amount of weight in the counterweight.
>From a practical point of view a conservative estimate is
>that a reasonably sized one could throw two to four hundred
>pound stones 200 yards or possibly a bit more.
>It took cannon well over a hundred years to supplant them.
>Trebuchets were in use down to, IIRC, the 15th century.
>As for accuracy, the counterweight trebuchets were quite
>accurate and could consistently hit the same area of a wall
>over and over again.  I'm guessing here, but I'd figure that
>they could hit within five to eight feet of the target point
>On the video the rank amateurs were able to hit a fairly small
>target after only five or so ranging shots.  Folks with much
>experience likely could to better.  Unfortunately they are
>in short supply nowadays.
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>   ---- Paul J. Gans