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  • "Eastern Tidepool & Reef"
    North Central Atlantic Marinelife Guide
  • by Dr. C. Harvey-Clark
  • Hancock House
  • (through Gazelle Book Services, Tel:  01524 68765, Fax: 01524 63232,
  • EMail GAZELL4GO@aol.com )
  • ISBN  0888 394063

  • £7.99

    American side of the North Atlantic. Picture (photographs) guide. Interesting but not a comprehensive identification guide.

    Interesting that species known from British seas found over there, with interesting common names, e.g. Shorthorn Sculpin, Sea Vase, Green Crab (alien), Blood Sea Star, Maned Nudibranch, White Atlantic Cadlina, Blue Mussel, Snail Fur, Zigzag Wineglass Hydroid, Northern Red Anemone (Dahlia), Green Fleece.

    Book includes photograph of a live Halibut, not outstandingly clear, but it is the only photograph of this fish in a book I know of. If you know of any others I would like to hear about them.

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