Urban Reports           2010
Lancing, Shoreham, Southwick

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29 December 2010
Two adult urban Foxes with bushy coats and tails were chasing each other in Adelaide Square, Shoreham, just before mignight,

2 December 2010
Snow fell over night in a Gentle Breeze (Force 3) that blew in from the NNE at 8 m.p.h. The pavement depth of snow was measured at 155 mm at 10.00 am. The air temperature at 8:00 am was minus 3.8 °C.

29 October 2010
A single Wood Pigeon was seen eating Holly berries from a tree at the north end of Ravens Road, in Shoreham, which was rapidly becoming denuded of its red berries to 50% of its crop.

22 October 2010
A Red Admiral Butterfly rose from a flower in the tiny front garden of 25 Western Road, Shoreham.
Butterfly List 2010

10 October 2010
The first one of two Large White Butterflies at the top of Buckingham Park, north Shoreham, flew rapidly from west to east, with one flying slowly and close enough to be postively identified. There was a clump of Common Ink Cap mushrooms at the top of the park near the top western entrance.
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7 October 2010

Evening Primrose
Meadow Plants
Corn Cockle

On the patch of grassland north of Brooklands, east Worthing (west of the Lancing border) the wildflower meadow creation contained a few White Campion, a few Corn Cockle, occasional Cornflowers, frequent Yarrow, a few Common Poppies and other meadow plants that attracted a Red Admiral Butterfly and a medium-sized brown moth or butterfly that fluttered away too quickly to be identified. Evening Primrose was flowering in a separate part of the open space.

6 September 2010
A single Red Fox would not be notable, but two young Foxes were playing in the rain in The Twitten, Southwick, just after 10:30 pm.
1 August 2010
A worker Tree Wasp, Dolichovespula media, on the Buckingham Cutting area (north of Buckingham Park).


28 July 2010
There were at least four Holly Blues seen in Buckingham Park, one skimming across the mostly grass football pitches like a Common Blue and it could even have been one. At the top of the park, Lesser Burdock was much in evidence visited by the common species of hoverflies, including frequent Marmalade Flies. And many more Honey Bees than usual, There were also Large White Butterflies, at least one Small White and two Speckled Woods. There were probably many more Speckled Woods
Butterfly & Moth Report

A terrier dog barking attracted my attention to the Wasps Nest high in a tree at the top of Buckingham Park, Shoreham. It is the nest of the Tree Wasp, Dolichovespula media

Marmalade Fly


Adur Bees & Wasps

17 July 2010
A Comma Butterfly visited my overgrown garden in Corbyn Crescent in residential Shoreham.

10 July 2010
The elusive White-letter Hairstreaks were discovered in Kingston Lane, Shoreham. Opposite the southern entrance to Shoreham Academy (formerly Kings Manor School) there is a long line of Elms on the east side of Kingston Lane (TQ 237 056). In the morning we saw two at the northern end of these Elms at about 10:00 am and then another about half way along. They spent the whole time flitting round the canopy though I did see one settled through binoculars. These are the first records of this butterfly on these web pages. Also a Small Tortoiseshell and then a first of the year Clouded Yellow in Phoenix Way, Southwick.

Report by Paul & Bridget James on Sussex Butterfly Reports
Adur Butterfly Flight Times
Adur Butterflies: First Dates
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6 July 2010
Hedgehogs are out at night. One trotted across Middle Road in Shoreham, just before midnight.

5 July 2010
Over Chanctonbury Drive (SE of the bridge of the A27 to Mill Hill) there were two more Meadow Brown Butterflies and a surprise two Ringlet Butterflies in the location the latter had never been recorded before. The Ringlets settled high in the shrub canopy. At the top of The Drive, north Shoreham, a definite Green-veined White Butterfly was spotted followed by my first Red Admiral of the day.
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28 June 2010
Great Mullein and Perforate St. John's Wort were seen growing and in flower out of the cracks in the pavement in Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham, along with the more familiar colonisers like White Clovers, Red Clovers, Ragwort, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Oil Seed Rape etc. 

27 June 2010
My first Hedgehog of the year was discovered curled up by the kerb in Dolphin Road, Shoreham, about 11:00 pm on a Sunday evening. This was a very dangerous road for a Hedgehog to be during the week.
25 June 2010
The Herring Gull is calling for its missing mate. 
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25 June 2010
A Speckled Wood Butterfly flew over Ham Road by the Co-operative Supermarket in the built-up area of central Shoreham.
22 June 2010
A Beautiful Demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo, settled on the top of a leaf amongst vegetation at the top of Slonk Hill Farm Road on the south-west side of the bridge over the A27

Adur Damselflies 2010

21 June 2010
At dusk a large moth was silhouetted against the sky amongst the rooftops in The Twitten in Southwick and this was thought to be one of the immigrant Hawkmoths.

20 June 2010

Tawny Owl
Little Owl
Barn Owl

The South Downs Raptor Club had a display of captive owls at Buckingham Park, Shoreham which included the three British species.

18 June 2010
A Herring Gull managed to get its wing caught in a TV aerial in Gordon Avenue, Shoreham.

The first new flowers of the year were Self-heal and Hop Trefoil on the verges of Erringham Road, north Shoreham, followed by the first Bee Orchids on the verge in Mill Hill Drive.
Wild Flower List
Adur Orchids
Bee Orchid
Large Red Damselfly

A Small Red Damselfly settled at the top of Chanctonbury Drive, north Shoreham.
Adur Damselflies 2010

10 -14 June 2010
Young healthy Red Foxes are seen every evening for five late evenings on the trot in Middle Road or Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham.

12 June 2010
An unidentified vanessid flew over the Continental Market in Brunswick Road, Shoreham, a Holly Blue Butterfly was seen in Mill Lane, Shoreham and a Large White over Shoreham town.

8 June 2010
In the twitten between Adelaide Square and Corbyn Crescent in residential Shoreham, I noted for the first time that the Nipplewort flowers close down in the evening. I also noted Opium Poppy for the first time this year at the top of The Drive, Shoreham.

21 March 2010
At last I saw my first butterfly of the year: a Red Admiral flew around the bridge over the A27 to Mill Hill.
19 March 2010
Three more clumps of Common Frog spawn appeared in my front garden in Corbyn Crescent; joining the first clump spawn laid on 3 March 2010. The previous spawn was submerged, helped by my own methods of breaking the ice when it was below freezing earlier in the month.
18 March 2010

A Magpie performed an amazing feat of removing a large quantity of moss from the gutter above the Hair & Nail Lounge in the northern part of East Street, in Shoreham town centre, adjacent (east of) St. Mary de Haura churchyard. The debris was deposited on the pavement outside the shop. The handiwork (although using its beak) took six minutes (timed) as it proceeded from the south end of the gutter above the shop to the extreme northern end.

15 March 2010
A small expanse of the yellow Lesser Celandine was spotted in flower in the Adur Civic Centre grounds adjacent to (east of) the Duke of Wellington Public House in Shoreham.

7 March 2010
Ice froze over the Common Frog spawn in my garden pond overnight as the air temperature fell to a low of minus 2.9 °C at 7:00 am.
Shoreham Weather 2010

3 March 2010
The first clump of Common Frog spawn appeared in my front garden in Corbyn Crescent, the first year frog spawn have been laid in the tiny pond (since it was installed at Easter 2004). 
13 February 2010
Hairy Bitter Cress was seen in ample flower, for this undistinguished plant, in the churchyard of St. Mary de Haura in central Shoreham.

5 February 2010
A few weak rays of sunshine were noticeable after a dreary start to the year, and the first clumps of Snowdrops flowered in the established self-sustaining colony under the tree cover in the wide twitten between Buckingham Park and Ravensbourne Avenue in north Shoreham.

2 February 2010
Fieldfares were still around, despite the disappearance of the snow. A small flock were seen amongst the bare Elms and at least two hopping along the ground in Portslade Cemetery. The air temperature reached 8.5 °C at 1:00 pm, but their was still ice on my plastic turtle test pond in my front garden.

January 2010
After the snow the urban Red Foxes, Vulpes vulpes, were seen more often than ever in the urban areas of Shoreham and Southwick after dusk, as many as three seen in different places in one evening. Typical locations were near St Mary de Haura Church yard in central Shoreham, crossing Gordon Road and Middle Road in Shoreham, in Kingston Buci in the vicinity of the church, anywhere around Southwick Green and at the western end of Croft Avenue, Southwick, near the Ship Public House. All of them seemed young and healthy and I noticed a distinctive large white spot on the tail of one in Kingston Buci.
The red fox is most commonly a rusty red, with white underbelly, black ear tips and legs, and a bushy tail usually with a distinctive white tip. (Wikipedia)

12 January 2010
A thin layer of snow laid over night, replacing the melted snow of the previous day. It was deeper than it first appeared, measured at 35 mm on the pavement outside my house in Shoreham. The night and day air temperature was fractionally above freezing.

14 January 2010
The snow and ice had disappeared on the roof tiles and pavements outside of my house in Shoreham.
Shoreham Weather 2010: Snow

13 January 2010

Buckingham House
Chestnut Tree, Buckingham Park
Monterey Pine Cones

Much of the loose packed snow melted quickly to slush by the early afternoon. There was a steady drip from the evergreen and for trees on which the snow had landed. After dusk, the temperature rose and by midnight almost all the snow had turned to slush.
cf. Chestnut Trees (1970s)

9 January 2010
Further snow fell in the morning reaching an accumulated depth of 20 mm on the Shoreham pavements. The temperature fell to minus 3.1 °C at 7:00 am. The wind was blowing partly from the west so where no snow landed in places sheltered from the east winds before (notably the twitten between Corbyn Crescent and Adelaide Square in Shoreham, which was previously bare of snow), there was now a notable layer of a a few millimetres.
Shoreham Weather 2010: Snow

7 January 2010
A flock of about twenty Fieldfares visited North Farm Road in South Lancing feasting on the red berries of a Cotoneaster 'Cornubia' tree in the Hamblett's back garden. One of these northern thrushes was seen to gobble up three berries in quick succession.
In severe winters these birds move south and from the countryside into the parks and larger gardens.
RSPB Fieldfares

6 January 2010
A steady flurry of light snow blew in from the east in a Moderate Breeze (Force 5) but the air temperature remained just above freezing. The ground temperature must have been lower as the duration of the snowfall lasted for hours in the morning and a small amount of snow to 8 mm laid on the pavements of Shoreham.
Shoreham Weather 2010: Snow

3 January 2010
On the way home form the pub, a Red Fox trotted across Middle Road, Shoreham (at the Kingston Buci end) and this was the first wild mammal report of the year.


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