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Met Office December 2009

25 December 2009
Christmas Day was cold (2.6 °C at 10:00 am) and clear, with a slight breeze, about the same as the previous year.

22 December 2009
In just above freezing (> 1.0 °C) temperatures, most of the snow in Shoreham town had melted by midday. Unfortunately, the air temperature fell below freezing in the early evening threatening to cause serious ice problems.

21 December 2009
At 3:00 am, the temperature fell to minus 4.6 °C, but the wind direction (Light Breeze Force 2) switched from the north to the west in the following hour and throughout the day, and the temperature rose above freezing resulting in melting snow and ice. About 3:25 pm, it began to rain blowing in diagonally from the east. The maximum temperature rose to 6.3 °C at 4:00 pm.

20 December 200920 December 2009
The temperature remained above freezing all night after midnight, but dropped just below at first light, the first minus recorded at 8:00 am at minus 0.5 °C.  A significant amount of snow still lay on grass verges, a small amount of melting occurred causing the pavements to be hazardous with compacted snow covered in ice.

19 December 2009
The air temperature fell to a low of minus 4.3 °C at 9:00 am in the morning. No extra snow fell overnight. The temperature dropped rapidly (3 °C in an hour) to minus 5.9 °C after dusk at 6:00 pm. The pavements were treacherous under foot. As the evening wore on, the wind switched around to the west and it got warmer rising above freezing before midnight.
Lowest Temperature this Millennium

18 December 2009

Snow on the Waterworks Road, Old Shoreham
Toll Bridge, Old Shoreham

The air temperature remained just above freezing, falling to 0.2 °C overnight. There was 75 mm depth of snow on the urban pavements (measured outside of my front door). The air temperature fell below freezing, minus 0.6 °C, at 11:00 am. As dusk fell, the temperature dropped to a low of minus 2.2 °C at 6:00 pm.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)

17 December 2009
Just before midnight, several inches of snow fell in blizzard conditions and laid despite the air temperature being 0.5 °C. The wind was recorded from the north and their were icy gusts from this direction, but the snow flakes appeared to be swirling from all over the place.

November 2009
England had the the wettest November on record.

19 November 2009
Although the Meteorological Office site recorded 25 mph (Force 6 Strong Breeze) south-westerly wind gusting to 40 mph (Force 8), the whitecaps on the sea were more prevalent than the previous day.

18 November 2009
A constant 30 mph (Force 6 Strong Breeze) westerly wind gusting to 45 mph (Force 8) occurred throughout the afternoon. Many whitecaps were forming on the sea which is indicative of Force 5 to Force 6.

14 November 2009
A steady 30 mph (Force 6 Strong Breeze) southerly wind gusting to 50 mph (Force 9) occurred throughout the morning, following on from almost as strong winds throughout the night from 8.00 pm on 13 November 2009. At times the steady winds were 35 mph (Gale Force 7) and veered slightly towards westerlies. Temperature: 14.5  °C was the highest recorded in the south-east region. At midday the wind was 35 mph, Force 7 gusting to 55 mph, Storm Force 10. These gusts made cycling impractical. From 1.00 pm the wind came with rain.  By 1.00 pm the steady wind speed changed to the south-west and was recorded at 40 mph, Gale Force 8, gusting to 55 mph, Storm Force 10, and by 2:00 pm, the gusts went of the scale exceeding 65 mph, Violent Storm Force 11 and rising. The top gust was recorded at 68 mph. By 3:00 pm the winds reduced to 35 mph, Force 7 gusting to 55 mph, Storm Force 10 and blew from direct west and continued like this until 10:00 pm when the wind dies completely to zero.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)
Beaufort  Scale

10 -13 November 2009
Continual poor weather with rain means I think we have seen the last of the butterflies for the year.

1 November 2009
November starts wet (heavy rain), windy (Force 6 gusting to Force 8 southerly) and warm (well nearly warm 15.9 °C at 10:00 am).
Quote: November heralds the return of autumn
Big changes in the weather are now underway as a deep low pressure moves from Irish Sea to the NE of Scotland. This is bringing a spell of heavy rain and strong winds across many areas during All Saints Day.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)

29 October 2009
The Indian summer resumes (15.5 °C at midday).

30 July 2009
An inclement morning followed by heavy rain in the afternoon excluded butterfly observations.

29 July 2009
Two Swallows flew in the cloudy sky over Mill Hill and it looked like they were ready to embark on their return trip, bringing about the first signs the summer was going to end, before it had even started as far as the fine weather was concerned.

16 July 2009
The evening finished with thunder & lightning and torrential rain.

7 July 2009
The solitary Chalkhill Blue Butterfly seen in the previous few days on Mill Hill, will not only be lonely but sopping wet after the thunder and heavy rain throughout the day.

30 June 2009
It was warm and humid and the air temperature at midday was 22.8 °C.

14 June 2009
The air temperature of 23.5°C was recorded during the day, the warmest so far this year.

31 May 2009
The sun shined and the air temperature reached 22.9 °C and this was probably the warmest day of the year.

27 May 2009
There is bright red sky in the morning over the downs to the north as I look out of my window at 4:45 am. Bad weather is expected.

22 April 2009
I was not in the mood for recording butterflies but the sun was out on the warmest day (13.7 °C) so far this year.

10 February 2009
Rain showers were blown in from the north-west Force 5 gusting to Gale Force 9 in the early morning.

4 February 2009
Almost all of the snow had melted, except on the north-facing Mill Hill Cutting (southern side).

3 February 2009
Most of the snow melted and the side roads were turned to slush. The temperature at midday was plus 3.9 °C. The wind direction switched to a southerly Moderate Breeze (Force 4).

2 February 2009

A steady snow shower was observed at first light. The lowest over night air temperature was minus 2.6 °C at 2:00 am and at 8:00 am it was minus 2.3 °C. The depth of snow outside my front door was 82 mm (over 3 inches) at 9:00 am. By 10:00 am it was still 82 mm but there were small drifts to 115 mm. At 2:00 pm the depth of snow was 58 mm. The Gentle Breeze (Force 3) was from the north. This was clearly indicated on Mill Hill with the trees in the copse at the top only collecting snow on the northern side of their trunks.

1 February 2009
Light flurries of snow blew in from the east in the afternoon and a thin dusting settled on the roads. The air temperature fell to freezing point at 4:00 pm.

10 January 2009

Lancing College Pond (with Hoar Frost)
Photograph by Ray Hamblett

The air temperature recorded in Shoreham at 7:00 am at minus 7.3 °C was the lowest this millennium.
Holly with feathery Hoar Frost

There was a considerable amount of feathery Hoar Frost in the morning. The 'feathery' variety forms when the surface temperature reaches freezing point before dew begins to form on it.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)

10 January 2009

Mute Swans showing the depth of the Ice on Widewater
Photographs by David Wood

Widewater Lagoon froze over, with the ice thick enough to support the weight of a Mute Swan.

Report by Gordon Croucher (Lancing Parish Council)

7 January 2009
The air temperature recorded in Shoreham at 4:00 am at minus 6.9 °C was the lowest this millennium.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)

6 January 2009
The air temperature recorded in Shoreham at 8:00 am at minus 5.7 °C was the lowest this millennium.
Shoreham Weather (Met Office)

5 January 2009
A flurry of snow fell over night and left a thin layer in the early morning. It had all melted in town by midday.

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