Wild Flowers
2nd Addenda 2017
To see a World in a grain of sand,
And Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

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Adur Wild Flowers 2018

23 December 2017

Oxford Ragwort  in Shoreham

22 December 2017

Sea Mayweed, Rock Samphire, Silver Ragwort
Red Valerian
Southwick Beach

15 December 2017
The cyclepath between Old Shoreham and the gap in the wall in Old Shoreham Road was reopened. Most of the distinctive bushes had been hacked down but lots of the hardier wild plants showed glimpses of past flowering including Wild Carrot, Hogweed, Fennel and Sow Thistle.

14 December 2017


1 December 2017

Yarrow, Bristly Ox-tongue, Mayweed
Cleared verges of the Cyclepath north of Old Shoreham

1 & 2 November 2017

Rough Hawkbit, Lesser Hawkbit, unknown possibly a Sow Thistle (not Nipplewort), Yellow Wort, Great Knapweed
1. Mill Hill
Hare's Foot Clover, Sea Campion, Thrift, White Clover, Oxford Ragwort
2. Shoreham Beach

17 October 2017

Annual Wall Rocket, Common Poppy
Silver Ragwort, Thrift, Sea Mayweed
Rock Samphire, Sea Campion

I went for a walk along Southwick Beach with the sea lapping over a small amount of sand in the late afternoon, but nothing was showing washed ashore. There were a few beach flowers on the promenade. Annual Wall Rocket grew between cracks in the pavement as did the Common Poppy.

14 October 2017

Mill Hill Upper

6 October 2017

Ox-eye Daisy, Bristly Ox-tongue, Red Clover, White Clover
Perennial Sow Thistle, Lesser Knapweed, Mayweed, Rough Hawkbit
Down's Link Cyclepath: Old Shoreham - Cement Works

Adur Cichorioid Daisies
Adur Thistles
Adur Daisies

5 October 2017

Common Mouse-ear
Cerastium fontanum
Mill Hill Upper

4 October 2017

Hogweed, Dwarf Thistle, Creeping Thistle (with Aphids)
Wild Basil
Mill Hill Upper

3 October 2017

There were two fresh sprouts of Childing Pink amongst over a dozen plants still in flower with a few Hare's Foot Clover. Oxford Ragwort
Sea Campion
Shoreham Beach East; Silver Sands and Shoreham Fort Beach

2 October 2017

Field Scabious, Dogwood, Burnet Saxifrage
Melilot, Greater Knapweed, Lesser Knapweed
Mill Hill Upper

26 & 28 September 2017

Round-headed Rampion
Bulbous Buttercup, Mouse-ear
Mill Hill

28 September 2017

The mown green space at the the top of Chanctonbury Drive, north Shoreham, was not only grass but a mixture of the common species of wild plants or weeds including a wide variety of he dandelion-like Cichorioid Daisies which I find tricky to identify and even more problematic to remember how to differentiate them for sure, with all the leaves entangled and not always easy to see and remember which is which. The patch as far as I could determine included the easy to recognise Dandelions, Taraxacum officinale agg., and Rough Hawkbit, Leontodon hispidus, the reasonably easy Lesser Hawkbit, Leontodon saxatilis, but also thought to include frequent Autumnal Hawkbit, Scorzoneroides autumnalis, which I am far less positive about.
Adur Cichorioid Daisies

27 September 2017

Common Centaury
Old Shoreham

Perennial Sow Thistle, Yarrow
Hawkweed Ox-tongue, Melilot, Common Toadflax
Bristly Ox-tongue

Adur Levels

Adur Ox-tongues

26 September 2017

Round-headed Rampion, Dogwood, Rough Hawkbit (?ID)
Hawthorn, Ivy
Mill Hill

Adur Umbellifers
Lesser Hawkbit
Rough Hawkbit 

Mill Hill

Of the cichorioid daisies (dandelion-types) that are so easy to confuse, the lower slopes of Mill Hill hosted Rough Hawkbit and Lesser Hawkbit, but not Smooth Hawk's-beard (misidentified).

Adur Cichorioid Daises

22 September 2017

Herb Robert
Common Mallow

19 September 2017

Knotgrass at Soldier's Point
Knotgrass at West of Old Fort Beach

18 September 2017

Carline Thistle, Greater Knapweed, Common Centaury*
Upright Hedge Parsley, Common Ragwort, Round-headed Rampion, Hawkweed Ox-tongue
Autumn Gentian

Mill Hill Upper (*exceptCentaury at Old Shoreham towpath)

Adur Ragworts
Adur Ox-tongues

16 September 2017

Common Knotgrass, Polygonum aviculare agg.
This could be  Polygonum arenastrum
Kingston Buci Beach

12 September 2017

Wild Radish

Asters, Purple Toadflax
Sea Campion, White Melilot
Southwick Canal Bank

Symphyotrichum lanceolatum is the accepted name for Aster lanceolatus (Narrow-leaved Michaelmas Daisy), which is the name by which this is known in the UK. I cannot tell whether this is Aster lanceolatus, for which is needed a close-up shot of the phyllaries. The outer ones have conspicuous membranous borders, as long as the inner ones. Unless you can confirm this, it is best to leave it as "Aster sp."

Rock Samphire

9 September 2017

Yellow Sorrel, Field Speedwell, Scarlet Pimpernel

6 September 2017

Ragwort, Field Scabious, Carline Thistle
Hogweed, Autumn Gentian, Greater Knapweed
Mill Hill

2 September 2017

Red Bartsia, Greater Bird's Foot Trefoil, Viper's Bugloss
Down's Link Cyclepath just north of Erringham Gap

1 September 2017

Greater Knapweed, Meadow Cranesbill, Common Poppy
Common Fleabane, Autumn Gentian
Mill Hill

28 & 31 August 2017

Shaggy Solder, Black Nightshade
Sea Spurrey, Red Bartsia

Steyning Downs

27 August 2017

Pickerelweed, Blackthorn, Water Mint
Purple Loosestrife
Steyning and Bramber

Sea Aster was now flowering on the estuarine margins of the River Adur. Purple Loosestrife bordered the stream at Bramber and Everlasting Pea brightened up a grass verge.
In Castle Lane Park (adjacent to Clays Hill), Bramber, there were stands of the blue flowering Pickerelweed. The pond was surrounded by large clumps of Fleabane and Water Mint.

 Viper's Bugloss, Purple Loosestrife, Everlasting Pea

24 August 2017

Dogwood, Devil's Bit Scabious, Great Mullein, Musk Thistle
Dropwort, Round-headed Rampion, Carline Thistle, Autumn Gentian
Mill Hill

More Mill Hill Flora Images
Adur Scabious
Adur Thistles

Gypsywort (also called Bugleweed)
Adur Levels, near Coombes

20 August 2017

Squinancywort, Autumn Gentian, Rosebay Willowherb, Lesser Knapweed
Autumn Lady's Tresses, Harebell
Anchor Bottom (except Rosebay)

Adur Knapweeds
Adur Orchids

18 August 2017

Rock Rose
Stonechat Junction, Bridlepath junction between Mossy Bottom and Southwick Hill
Downs north of East Shoreham

15 August 2017

Gypsywort (also called Bugleweed)
Adur Levels, next to a freshwater stream near the Erringham Gap on the Downs Link Path

14 August 2017

Ploughman's Spikenard (low growing specimen), Autumn Gentian, Bladder Campion
Fairy Flax, Carline Thistle
Mill Hill

Childing Pink at Silver Sands

Invasive plant on Silver Sands
Canadian Fleabane, Conyza canadensis, which is unattractive and probably frequent on waste land
(Included for ID purposes)

11 August 2017

Common Poppies

10 August 2017

Mexican Fleabane, Erigeron karvinskianus

Little Weed at the Bus Stop
Shaggy Soldier, Galinsoga quadriradiata

I spotted this little weed at the vehicle slope entrance to Coronation Green, Shoreham as I waited for he number 2 bus to Steyning. I did not recognise it and I had an inkling that it was an accidental immigrant. I was proven right as it was quickly identified as the Shaggy Soldier, Galinsoga quadriradiata, by the British & Irish Seasonal Wildflowers facebook group.
NB: Five white ray florets widely spaced around the centre, each an oval shape typically with three crenate teeth at the tip. This and closely related Gallant Soldier, Galinsoga parviflora, are abundant on allotments in the Norwich area and also in the Greater London area. But the only way to be really positive about  Shaggy and Gallant is to look at the scales on the pappus as the two species are easily confused..

8 August 2017

 Hare's Foot Clover, Thrift, Ray's Knotgrass Polygonum oxyspermum
Black Medick, Childing Pink, Bittersweet
Shoreham Beach East; Silver Sands and Shoreham Fort Beach

With a breeze (Force 4) blowing from the north and black clouds over the sea, conditions were unsuitable for photographing the fragile flowers like the miniature Childing Pink at Silver Sands that swayed too much in the wind. Kidney Vetch was still in flower on Silver Sands with an unrecognised small plant that has not yet been identified. Hare's Foot Clover was more rigid and did not sway.
By the Shoreham Fort I recognised Cat's Ear, Perennial Sow Thistle and Thrift in flower.

Unidentified small plant on Silver Sands
Canadian Fleabane
Conyza canadensis which will grow much larger and then easily recognised.

Ray's Knotgrass
Shoreham Beach (east) on the shingle

31 July 2017

Hemp Agrimony & Wild Parsnip, Dwarf Thistle, Carline Thistle
Marjoram x 2, Welted Thistle, Greater Knapweed
Mill Hill

30 July 2017

Rough Hawkbit, Wayfaring, Upright Hedge Parsley (Mill Hill Cutting, Pixie Path)
Teasel, Bristly Ox-tongue  (Old Shoreham Towpath)

Adur Ox-tongues

27 July 2017
Under a cloudy sky and a constant breeze (Force 5) and the added gusts made photographing wild flowers very tricky on the Down's Link Path between Old Shoreham to just north of Erringham Gap.

Red Bartsia, Hemp Agrimony, Viper's Bugloss, Dark Mullein
Common Toadflax, Nipplewort, Wild Basil

Pencilled Cranesbill, Red Bartsia, Wild Basil, Viper's Bugloss
Dark Mullein, Hemp Agrimony, Hogweed, Lesser Burdock
Nipplewort, Spear Thistle, Common Toadflax, Field Bindweed
Down's Link Cyclepath between Old Shoreham and just north of Erringham Gap

25 July 2017

Rough Hawkbit, Perennial Sow Thistle
Perforate St. John's Wort, Yellow Wort, Great Mullein, Wild Mignonette
Lower Slopes of Mill Hill

Great Mullein were a relatively new noticeable feature on the disturbed land on the northern end of the lower slopes of Mill Hill, the yellow flowers had now appeared on the tall stem, which rises from the large rosette of leaves. More Ploughman's Spikenard was flowering in large groups on the lower slopes with more budding Carline Thistle.

Field Bindweed, Musk Thistle. Lesser Burdock, Purple Toadflax
Greater Knapweed, Welted Thistle, Hardhead (=Lesser Knapweed), Dwarf Thistle
Wild Basil
Mill Hill

And my change of route back via the ridge route added more Musk Thistles, Spear Thistles, Creeping Thistles, and Welted Thistle to the widespread Dwarf Thistles. Perennial Sow Thistle was noted by me for the first time on Mill Hill by the southern steps. The small umbellifer Upright Hedge Parsley Torilis japonica was identified for the first time on Mill Hill.
Adur Thistles
Adur Cichorioid Daisies

Upright Hedge Parsley x 2, Bittersweet
Milkwort, Fairy Flax, Scarlet Pimpernel, Round-headed Rampion
Mill Hill

Adur Umbellifers

23 July 2017

Dwarf Thistle,  Wild Thyme, Red Star Thistle
Pineapple Weed, Greater Knapweed, Small Scabious
Anchor Bottom

Wild flowers on Anchor Bottom were most notable with Common Ragwort, Small Scabious and Dwarf Thistle very commonly seen with well over a few hundred plants each, and very frequent Wild Thyme especially on the numerous ant's nest mounds, and  even a few remnants of Kidney Vetch. Near the gate at the bottom there were slightly anomalous presence of a clump each of Red Star Thistle (a Knapweed) and the first ever wild record on these web pages of the Pineapple Weed, Matricaria discoidea.

Tufted Vetch, Yarrow, Greater Knapweed
Down's Link Cyclepath: Old Shoreham - Cement Works

22 July 2017

Hogweeds compared
Buckingham Cutting (south)

Adur Hogweeds

18 July 2017

Spurge, Borage
Sea Spurrey, Tansy
Outskirts of Shoreham/ East Lancing (west side of the River Adur)

17 July 2017

Mugwort etc.
Mill Hill (upper, south of the Reservoir)

Musk Thistle, Dwarf Thistle, Welted Thistle
Greater Knapweed, Ploughman's Spikenard, Round-headed Rampion
Mill Hill

Adur Thistles
Adur Knapweeds
Adur Umbellifers

16 July 2017

Chicory, Water Mint, Vervain, Viper's Bugloss
Tufted Vetch, Marjoram, Red Bartsia
Adur Levels

Rosebay WillowherbMusk Mallow, Common Toadflax, Hardhead
Meadowsweet, Dark Mullein, Marjoram
Adur Levels

Adur Hogweeds
Adur Umbellifers

15 July 2017

Alexanders, Wild Carrot
Sea Purslane, Fleabane, Bristly Ox-tongue
River Adur margins at Old Shoreham

Adur Alexanders
Adur Umbellifers

14 July 2017

Wild Fennel
Shoreham Harbour (northern canal bank at Fishersgate)

Shoreham Harbour (northern canal bank at Fishersgate)

White Melilot
Shoreham Harbour (northern canal bank at Fishersgate)

Yarrow, Everlasting Pea
Spear Thistle
Shoreham Harbour (northern canal bank at Southwick & Fishersgate)

10 July 2017

Greater Knapweed, Wild Basil (Lower Slopes), Wild Basil
Dwarf Thistle
Mill Hill

6 July 2017

Enchanters Nightshade#, Spear Thistle, Marsh Woundwort*, Hedge Woundwort
Rosebay Willowherb, Fleabane
Adur Levels  (including #Tottington Wood. *Wood's Mill)

5 July 2017

Bladder Campion, Marjoram, Self-heal, Squinancywort, Dwarf Thistle
 Vervain, Small Scabious
Wild Basil, Welted Thistle
Mill Hill

On Mill Hill. Marjoram, the tall Great Mullein, Wild Mignonette, the diminutive Squinancywort, Dwarf Thistle, Wild Basil, Field Scabious,Small Scabious, were attractive natives coming into bloom. Welted Thistle was seen on the ridge, but Musk Thistle seems to have disappeared and likewise Meadow Cranesbill.

2 July 2017

Teasel, Meadowsweet, Hogweed
Yarrow, Meadow Cranesbill
Adur Levels

Meadowsweet was common and dominant bordering the streams around Annington and Bramber.  A Teasel were seen with purple flowers in the fields around Bramber. Meadow Cranesbill bordered the Coombes Road at the top of an incline with both white and blue flowers. Dwarf Mallow was seen in Shoreham town for the very first time it was recognised.
Adur Levels
Adur Teasels
Adur Daisies
Adur Mallows

1 July 2017
Going into the last month of summer, the verges of the Down's Link Cyclepath changed in character as the late summer flowers put on a burst of growth and the verges became dominated by Buddleia bushes, Meliliot, Lady's Bedstraw, the two Knapweeds, (Greater & Hardheads),  with significant appearances of Common Hogweed, Willowherbs (Rosebay and Greater),  and the continuing Ox-eyed Daisies. Pyramidal Orchids were still flowering  but they were swamped and hidden by the taller vegetation. Teasels were growing up to over a metre high but not yet showing their purple flowers. Other flowers of note on the verges included Yellow Rattle, small amounts of the diminutiveEyebright and Self-heal, the occasional tall Viper's Bugloss, hidden Red Bartsia, the first flowers of Marjoram, early Hemp Agrimony, the umbellifer Wild Carrot, occasional Common Mallow and Tufted Vetch, Common Ragwort, Creeping Thistle, Restharrow, Field Bindweed, a Bellflower, Meadow Vetchling and Bird's Foot Trefoil.

Melilot, Bellflower, Lady's Bedstraw with Pyramidal Orchids, Common Centaury
Greater Willowherb, Common Centaury
Down's Link Cyclepath: Old Shoreham - Cement Works

Common Centaury flowered near the River Adur including white flowered specimens at Old Shoreham. There were a few flowering Cat's Ear. Yarrow flowered on verges in Shoreham town. .

30 June 2017

Rock Sea Lavender
Rock Sea Lavender        Thrift 
Sea Kale

Southwick Beach

29 June 2017

Sea Lavender
Spear-leaved Orache
Sea Mayweed

On a cloudy afternoon, the vegetated shingle patch outside Carat's Cafe, Southwick Beach, alongside the road on the north side was full up with a selection of wild plants notably Silver Ragwort, Yellow-horned Poppy, Sea Beet, Rock Samphire, Sea Campion, a prostrate Mallow, Sea Mayweed, a Spear Thistle, Dock, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Black Medick, Seaside Daisy, the dead flowers of Kidney Vetch,the leaves and globular seed pods of Sea Kale, a small Viper's Bugloss and lastly one only of my first ever RockSea Lavender (species not known).

The species of Limonium which are endemic to Britain all belong to the Limonium binervosum aggregate (Rock Sea Lavenders). The taxonomy of this group was revised in 1986 and nine species and numerous infra-specific taxa are now recognised. Of the nine species, eight are believed to be endemic to Britain, these are Limonium britannicum, L. dodartiforme, L. loganicum, L.paradoxum, L.parvum, L. procerum, L. recurvum and L. transwallianum. These species grow almost exclusively on rocks and sea-cliffs of a wide range of geological types although a few have also been recorded from other habitats. Source.

There was a prostrate Spear-leaved Orache with what looked like "seed pods" on the shingle near the wind turbines. However these were leaves rolled up by the Orache Gall Aphid, Hayhurstia atriplicis.
Adur Orache

Sea Campion
Yellow-Horned Poppy
Rock Samphire
Sea Beet

I recorded Feverfew in Shoreham, and in Steyning my first of the year Lesser Hawkbit.

26 June 2017
Three new plants were spotted in flower for the first time this year: isolated Melilot on Shoreham Beach and the yellow Biting Stonecrop and Rock Samphire on Widewater Flood Plain. Perforated St. John's Wort was beginning to flower on Buckingham Cutting (south) where Pyramidal Orchids were in flower replacing the fading Spotted Orchids.

Tree Mallow, Hare's Foot Clover, Stonecrop, Sea Heath
Viper's Bugloss, Yellow-horned Poppy, Childing Pink
Shoreham Beach

Pyramidal Orchids with Hedge Bedstraw
Meadow Vetchling, Restharrow
Buckingham Cutting (south)

23 June 2017
With a Strong Breeze (Force 6 gusting to Gale Force 7) conditions for photographing flowers was difficult to near impossible.

Silver Ragwort, Sea Heath
Yellow-horned Poppy, Ivy-leaved Toadflax, Mayweed
 Shoreham - Lancing Beach

Viper's Bugloss was noted as being prevalent and very common on Shoreham Beach, with Silver Ragwort plentiful in flower and small amounts of Yellow-horned Poppy, Cat's Ear and Field Bindweed. The edge of the cyclepath by Widewater, Lancing, had notable amounts of a Mayweed (Sea or Scentless?), and the inevitable Smooth Sow Thistle. Occasional Tree Mallow swayed in the breeze west of Lancing Sailing Club. The Widewater Flood Plain was covered in flowering Sea Heath with small patches of Ivy-leaved Toadflax and English (?) Stonecrop had just started flowering.
Yarrow was seen on the road verges in Shoreham.
Adur Daisies

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