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19 June 2010 onwards
Basking Sharks, Cetorhinus maximus, continue to be seen from the shore off the Cornish coast.

Porthchaple Beach, Porthcurno, Cornwall
The Basking Sharks, Cetorhinus maximus, provide a special attraction
Photograph by Charles Hood

Basking Shark Video on Facebook (by Maria Munn)
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BMLSS Basking Sharks
BMLSS Shark & Ray News
Date Time Location Grid Ref. Number Remarks Observer
02/01/00   Mounts Bay   1 Seen feeding 2 nautical miles south of Mountamopus Buoy. 5 metres long. Doug Herson (Plymouth National Marine Aquarium)
22/01/00   Off Porthpean SX 032506 1 100 metres offshore. 4.5 m (15 ft) long. Roger Lane

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2/1/00 Mounts Bay 1  Seen feeding 2Nm S of
     Mountamopus Buoy. 5M long D.Herdson
19/2/00 Easterrn Green 1  Seen Feeding   D.Herdson
19/2/00 Eastern Green 1 p.m. Stayed in area circling for
 SW4831    some time   Marion & Ian Rae
23/2/00 Coverack  1  8 M. long.  Feeding
 SW783182       D.Herdson
13/3/00 Off Mousehole 1
 SW4726        via D. Herdson
16/3/00 South of Plymouth   2  20ft.  30 miles SE of Plymouth via D. Herdson
22/4/00 Off Penwith Several 1000 Seen from SS Scillonian on way
 south coast   Isles of Scilly   Via Vince Smith
24/4/00 Off Penwith several 1000 seen from SS Scillonian on way
 south coast   Isles of Scilly   Via Vince Smith
28/4/00 Pernzance Wet Dock one a.m. Discovered in dock. Gates opened at
     high tide to allow escape Small. Alan Griffiths
30/4/00 Start Bay  1  Off Skerries.50.17N  03.34W.
     4 Metres long   D. Herdson
3/5/00 Off Porthgwarra 1 a.m.     Via Vince Smith
7/5/00 Off Pencarrow Head  1    1730 Over 14ft long. Circling  Veronica Pullen
13/5/00 Off Plymouth 1 0900 Half way between Breakwater & Eddystone
     ^M long swqimming slowly East D.Herdson
14/5/00 Off Yealm Head 1 1200 ¾ mile offshore.
 SX550456       D.Herdson
14/5/00 Off Gara Point 1 1400 4.M.long
 SX522467       D.Herdson
14/5/00 50º 2'N  05º 26'W  1  1212 Adult  Heading SE  Mr.Robbins
17/5/00 Off Geevor 2 1300 Seen behind rocks close inshore
 SW371350       Vince Smith
18/5/00 Downderry 1  Seen to breach, has been in the area
 SX315538   for last 5 days.Many crab pot in area. Steve Madge
24/5/00 Off Porthgwarra 3  No sizes given
 SW371216       via John Worth
24/5/00 Off Carn Gloose 2  No sizes given
 SW353313       via John Worth
25/5/00 Porthgwarra 3  No sizes or information given
 SW371216       Vince Smith
25/5/00 Carn Gloose 2  No sizes ir information given
 SW354313       Vince Smith
27/5/00 From Scillonian  6  Seen by passengers on outward trip to
     Isles of Scilly departing Penzance 0630  via Vince Smith
27/5/00 Off Porthgwarra 5 p.m. Seen from shore.No sizes given
 SW371216       via Vince Smith
31/5/00 Runnelstone area 4 1015 Seen by passengers on MV Scillonian III
 SW3692000   both on outward journey and return  journey
    1815  Medium size sharks feeding Tony Pitchforth
Date Location Grid ref Number Remarks  Observer
22/1/00  Off Porthpean 
100 metres offshore
SX032506 4.5 metre (15ft).  Roger Lane
9/5/00 E Off Porthpean    100m    offshore  SX032506  6 metres (20ft) long. Cruising back and forth Mrs.Petherick
14/5/00 Off Porthguarnon SW410225 13:00- Gannets drew attention to large Shark
15:00 Dorsal & Tail fins visible 
Sue Sayer
27/5/00 Lands End   07:15 Cloudy .SW wind  Vince Smith
1/6/00 Whitesand Bay SW355275 1 17:00- Bottlenose Dolphins in Bay but not close to shark
19:00 Seabirds trying to land on its dorsal.
Sue Sayer
3/6/00 Off The Lizard SW694115 20-30    fisherman
who told Steve Hollier
4/6/00 Off The Lizard SW694115 20-30 Still in same area fisherman
who told Steve Hollier
4/6/00  St Ives Bay  SW5041  2 Both about 4.5 metres (14ft) long Louise Secker
4/6/00  Mounts Bay  SW515297  5 16:00 Seen well out off St. Michaels Mount Anne Newman
4/6/00 A St. Ives area SW467408 20+ Seen from boat between St. Ives and the Carrack Rocks  Phil Austin
5/6/00 Off Tater du SW440229 10:00 Seen about a mile offshore
very close to boat hauling pots
Mike Harvey
5/6/00 Manacles Rocks SW8120 5 08:30 1 x 5.5 metre (18ft), others (2.5 - 4 m (8-12ft). Porpoise and shoal of Mackerel present K.Batley
8/6/00 Zennor Cliff  SW450393   5 10:00 Stephen Westcott
10/6/00 Off Levant Zawn  SW366345 10 Have been seen close inshore for the past week. A Bottlenose Dolphin present some of the time Vince Smith
18/6/00 Runnelstone SW369200 Just SW of Reef. Ranging in size from 2.5 - 9 metres (8ft to 30ft). Nick Tregenza
18/6/00 Treryn Dinas
Just SW of Cliff Castle
SW396221   3    Nick Tregenza
19/6/00 Pendeen Watch SW377358  1  length 4.5 metre (15ft). Stephen Westcott
22/6/00 Mounts Bay 
Near to the Gear Pole off Penzance Prom
SW477297    1 p.m.  Charlie Richards
25/6/00 Kennack Bay SW7316  1 or 2  In Bay during the day Keith Williams
25/6/00 Off Cadgwith SW7214 5 Around all day Steve Hollier
26/6/00 Off Cadgwith SW7214  20+ Around all day Steve Hollier
26/6/00 Off Porthgwarra 4 Vince Smith

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