Brent Spar

Some notes and references for students investigating the disposal of redundant oil rigs of the North Sea, NE Atlantic Ocean.

Addresses to write for more information:

The Marine Forum, University College of Scarborough, Filey Road, Scarborough, YO11 3AZ
BMLSS Diary: (contains the Marine Forum EMail address).

The Marine Forum may be able to put you in touch with other sources.

The New Scientist magazine contained letters explaining the consequences to the fish and other organisms of the deep sea to the arrival of a huge oil rig.

Scottish Office Agriculture Environment and Fisheries Department

have produced publications on the 'Disposal of Oil Rigs'. The full address will be placed on this site when the exact address to write to, probably Aberdeen, is confirmed.

Book Information

Greenpeace 'The North Sea' by Malcolm MacGarvin.

Collins & Brown 1990. ISBN 1 85585 005 2

This is a beautifully produced book on the North Sea on man's mismanagement of the marine environment written with an introduction of the marine wildlife and habitats. There is no specific mention of the Brent Spar, but Malcolm MacGarvin spoke at a meeting of the Marine Forum against the deep sea disposal option.

'Oceanography' Edited by C.P. Summerhayes and S.A. Thorpe.

Manson Publishing 1996. ISBN 1-874545-38-3

Chapter 22 'Waste Disposal in the Deep Ocean' by Martin Angel.

This advanced oceanographic text with information not previously included in popular books includes Chapter 22 with the issues of waste disposal in the deep ocean. Martin Angel spoke broadly in favour of the disposal of the Brent Spar in the deep Atlantic at the same meeting of the Marine Forum.


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