Vernal/Summer 1998 Glaucus
  • Contents List 1992 -1995 



    1990   Autumn, Winter.  2 issues.  (all sold out)
    1991   Vernal, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  4 issues.  (all sold out)
    1992   Vernal, Summer, Autumn/Winter.   3 issues.
    1993   Vernal, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  4 issues.
    1994   Vernal, Summer, Autumn.  3 issues.
    1995   Vernal, Summer/Autumn, Winter.  3 issues.
    1996   Vernal/Summer,  Autumn/Winter (sold out)  2 issues.
    1997   Vernal/Summer.  1 issue.  6 issues of the Shorewatch Newsletter.
    1998   Vernal/Summer.  1 issue.  4 issues of the Shorewatch Newsletter.
    1999   Vernal/Summer.  1 issue.  4 issues of the Shorewatch Newsletter so far.

    ERROR LOG   1992-1997

    Autumn/Winter 1992  Page 13:  epilithic is a much better term than hyperlithic.
    Vernal 1993  Page 7:  illustration of the Mermaid's Purse is not how it would occur in the wild.
    Vernal 1994  Page 3:  cover page photograph captions reversed.
    Vernal 1994  Page 36: wrong page printed. Corrected in Shorewatch Newsletter no. 6.
    Vernal 1995  Report Cards on centre pages, ACFOR, Occasional should read 2-10.
    Summer/Autumn 1995  Page 5   Seashore Guide paragraph, North Devon should read North Cornwall.
    Summer/Autumn 1995  Rear cover page. Metrification measurements all wrong.
                                          Wrong page was printed by mistake.
    The correct figures are on the rear cover of the Winter 1995 issue.
    Summer/Autumn 1995  Page 30 & Winter 1995  Page 12:  Humpback Whale illustration included instead of a Sperm Whale in both issues. Corrected in Vernal/Summer 1997 issue page 4.
    Winter 1995  Wrong taxonomy boxes printed throughout this issue of the journal by mistake. Phyla is plural, it should read "phylum".
    Vernal/Summer 1997  Page 13.  Etymology of 'shore' is not wrong but could be misleading. For a better explanation see shoreh10.htm.

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