Polychaeta Worms

Trumpet Worm Worm
washed up at Long Rock, near Penzance, south-west Cornwall
Lagis (=Pectinaria) koreni
Photograph by David Fenwick Snr. (Aphotomarine)
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Worm's eggs from Lancing beach (Photograph by Andy Horton)

  The green blobs are the egg case of a worm
Phyllodoce maculata

Photograph by Richard Lord

The brown blobs are the egg cases of a worm
Scoloplos armiger

The green 'blobs' of Sussex indeed seem to be the same as the ones found in the Netherlands. The Dutch egg-capsules are considered to be the egg-capsules from the Paddleworm Phyllodoce maculata (=Anaitides maculata). This is the opinion of several researchers, who work a lot with worms in general. They check the number of species & specimens of animal life, mostly worms, in a certain amount of sand taken from several
places in the Netherlands in different seasons. This is done to give e.g. our government an indication of the "health" of our coasts.
It would be nice if someone would be able to collect these egg-capsules and let them hatch in an aquarium. Phyllodoce eggs may be found in spring (to be confirmed)

Eulalia sp. is another strong possibility, another "Phyllodicid worm". My general description is these are the eggs of one of the paddleworms. 

Eulalia eggs may be found in July and August (to be confirmed)

Photographed by Richard Lord (Guernsey) on Havelet Beach, east coast of Guernsey on 22 March.  There were thousands of these egg cases on the beach.

Link to Paul Naylor Paddleworm image

De groene bolletjes: eikapsels van de Groene dieseltreinworm Phyllodoce maculata (Linnaeus)?
Population ecology and genetics of the polychaete Scoloplos armiger (Orbiniidae)
Keelworms (notes)
Sea Mouse  Aphrodite aculeata
Two species of Lugworm


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